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  • Jester of chaos

    This is a character who when I was first proposed I was unsure but they were still worth a talk. Rethinking I feel she's distinct enough especially given her goal is uniquely horrific.

    • Approved and 2nd one: [1]

    Sofia Lamb is the main antagonist of BioShock 2 and leader of a cult known as the Rapture Family.

    Sofia is first shown at the opening prologue where she arranges to have her own daughter, Eleanor Lamb, captured by Splicers and brought to her so she can conduct experiments to make her a "Utopian", an entity who will be created through large doses of ADAM (basically a drug that can contain memories of others and grants incredible powers by rearranging your DNA but addictive, often disfigures and drives the user insane/homicidal) but this…

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  • Jester of chaos
    • Original:

    Lok Durd has a defined personality, shown that he does not care about life. Lok Durd pretended to protect the villagers of a planet when in reality he had chosen to test a destructive weapon on the planet. He has crossed the moral event horizon and he is completely capable of atrocious crimes, with the defoliater at his disposal, he clearly knows right from wrong, as he pretends that he wants to protect the villagers when in reality he was going to kill all of them, He has no redeeming qualities and There is nothing forgiveable that he does, his worst acts are on screen, he is easily one of the worst villains of the saga, The villain is from Star Wars, the heinous standards are r…

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  • Jester of chaos

    This is a character that dramatically changes a lighthearted settings tone to where it’s a serious and often if not always dark story. This must be like what all are categories are supposed to be constant with this character.


    1. They are hardly if ever comedic. Of course there are very rare exceptions namely if their gimmick is that of a clown or jester in which that is simply part of their gimmick itself. This cannot distract or lighten the mood.

    2. There are very few if any of these within a story or said media and if you have had one it is much harder to have another one later due to a couple of reasons. One is the show itself often becomes darker thus the standards are raised making it harder to standout enough to truly count.…

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  • Jester of chaos

    Ok I've been noticing that it's being abused by being placed in serious media like action movies, dark stories etc. In all honesty it's one of my favorite categories here and Tropes but it's abused to the point it seems to of lost most if not all meaning. One argument commonly used when it's added is "TV Tropes says they are." This is a problem for two reasons: 1. They are rather easy going with this particular Trope or at least suffer from near constant spammers of it. 2. More importantly we are not TV Tropes.

    Another problem is it lacks a clear enough guidelines looking through some edits. I am putting aside my personal feelings and ask this community on whether it should stay or deleted.

    If any of you have suggestions please leave it in the…

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  • Jester of chaos

    I am not the most social person so I just wanna say that: I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We all have our good days and bad but regardless if we are friends or not I fell we are like one big family and hope you all have a great holiday. Enjoy time with family and friends however you want provided you aren't breaking the law and enjoy yourself.

    Have a great chaotic day everyone! :)

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