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My fifth proposal proposal, the third to a Marvel villain and the second about a villain from the X-Men series: The Animated Series. While this character may not seem as heinous as Apocalypse, he still has a chance to be Pure Evil from what I will mention below. Without further ado, Sabretooth.

What's the work?

X-Men: The Animated Series is an animated series issued in 1992, with no less than 5 seasons, being one of the longest-lasting series created by Marvel. The story is about a group of mutants brought together by Professor Charles Javier, aka Professor X, these being Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee and Jean Gray, dedicated to facing many other mutants that threaten the world. And one of them, as you might guess, is Sabretooth.

What Has He Does?

Sabretooth is one of the Wolverine's archenemies (along with Omega Red) and makes his first appearance in the first episode of the series, appearing on the news while he was causing destruction in the city, further straining the relations between mutants and humans. Later, Magneto, his boss, who seeks to exterminate the humans to make the mutant race the only one in the world, orders Sabretooth to enter the X-Mansion and destroy everything. To do this, Sabretooth infiltrates the trial that Beast is receiving and, just as he is found guilty, he begins to attack and destroy the place like crazy, until he is stopped by the guards. Cyclops manages to save him, although Wolverine refuses. When Cyclops and the X-Men bring Sabretooth to the X-Mansion to heal him, Wolverine is upset by this, as he claims that Sabretooth had killed 2 of his companions and tries to kill him, but Xavier orders Wolverine to don't let go revenge. Xavier also tries to get into Sabretooth's mind to find out why he is the madman that he is today. While Xavier, Cyclops, Rogue, and Storm go to a factory where Magneto was, Wolverine hides and Jubillee (a teenager) is left taking care of Sabretooth. The latter manages to take advantage of Jubillee's naivety to free him from her shackles and, instead of showing her even a modicum of gratitude for it, he prepares to kill her without hesitation 2 times. Fortunately, Wolverine seems to prevent this from happening, and while the two were fighting, Xavier appears to stop Wolverine. Sabretooth tries to take the opportunity to kill his archenemy, but Jubilee with her superpowers takes him out of the X-Mansion, and Sabretooth has no choice but to leave the place. Two episodes later, in "Cold Revenge", Sabretooth tries to kill Wolverine while the latter is skiing in the Arctic, but Wolverine survives and runs into a group of tribe. Sabretooth discovers this and kidnaps the twelve villagers, tying them all to a glacial bridge and putting bombs on the ropes, threatening to kill them all if Wolverine doesn't fight him. Thanks to Kiyoek's help, Wolverine manages to launch Sabretooth down the icy slope, seemingly ending the threat from him. Or so it seems.

In season 2, while he does not make any physical appearances, it is revealed that he is the true father of Graydon Creed Jr., a raving bigot who seeks to exterminate all mutants. When Wolverine mentions this to him, he initially denies this claim entirely, stating that his family comes from Canada, but once he begins to see his father's ologram, he begins to panic, desperately stating that he is not his father and even starting to shoot said ologram. This strongly implied that Sabretooth was a rather abusive father to his son, ending up turning him into the monster that he is today.

In the final chapter of the season 3, "Weapon X, Lies & Videotape", the real reason behind Wolverine's hatred towards Sabretooth is revealed: while the two were part of Team X and were on a mission against Omega Red, when the two were escaping from the place Two of his companions, Silver Fox and Maverick, were trying to escape. Sabretooth, instead of helping them, locked them up to let them die and thus save his own skin, even stopping Wolverine from saving them, referring to them as "expendable". Wolverine heads to the same lab where they experimented on him, waiting for Sabretooth to arrive, who is revealed to have survived the fall, somehow. While the two fought, it is revealed that Silver Fox and Maverick had survived the mission where Sabretooth had betrayed them, and later they force Sabretooth and Wolverine to go to a part of the laboratory where they relive their most traumatic events. In the case of Sabretooth, it is revealed that, in his childhood, he was constantly mistreated by his father, who was a peasant who discriminated against him because of his mutant powers. This causes Sabretooth to start freaking out when remembering such an event. Finally, Sabretooth temporarily rejoins forces with the three and Beast to destroy the laboratory. Sabretooth then leaves the place, without actually saying goodbye to the three.

In season 4, in the four episodes "Beyond Good and Evil", it is revealed that he is now helping Apocalypse and Magneto to kidnap various psychics in the world, thus helping in Apocalypse's final plan to destroy the entire universe. When Sabretooth tries to kidnap Psylocke, Wolverine and the X-Men knock him out and take him to the X-Mansion, where they interrogate him to find out the location of Apocalypse and thus stop his plan. Wolverine eventually beats him up, forcing Sabretooth to reveal Apocalypse and Magneto's location on the time axis. Sabretooth is later imprisoned, but manages to escape and continues with his evil deeds.

In season 5, the last appearance of Sabretooth occurs at the end of the chapter "Bloodlines". When his son fails in his attempt to assassinate Mystique, his mother, Nightcrawler, his half brother, and Rogue, his adoptive sister, the friends of humanity decide to send him to his father, who tells his son to come with Daddy, presumably killing his own son. As this is Sabretooth's last appearance and he never receives a definitive punishment for his crimes, just like Apocalypse, he is also a 100% Karma Houdini.

Mitigating Factors?

None really. He doesn't care about his own son, he even seems to kill him at the end of Bloodlines. It is also not shown that he cares for Magneto, and since Magneto had no problem with leaving him behind once he was caught by the X-Men, he implies that the relationship between them is not the best. And although he was abused by his father in childhood due to his mutant deformities, considering all of his actions, along with the fact that he is strongly implied that he abused his own son, makes this excuse not stand. Oh, I forgot to mention that he also saved Wolverine from being killed by a robot. But that was because Sabretooth mistook the robot for his abusive father, not because he cared for Wolverine's well-being. And even then, Sabretooth has no problem trying to kill Wolverine later, thus subverting any concerns for his eternal rival.

Heinous Standard?

Well, this is where the problem could lie, as some might think that Sabretooth does not meet the standards compared to other villains, such as his own son or Omega Red. However, it should be noted that Sabretooth has far fewer resources than those two, being just a simple mutant who, for the most part, does things by himself and without the help of others, unlike his son, who had the help of the "friends of humanity", or Omega Red who had the help of the army of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, it is implied that he was abusive to his own son, thus explaining the reason for his immense hatred of mutants, and thus making him indirectly responsible for his actions. He betrayed both Maverick and Silver Fox by locking them in a room with Omega Red to save his own hide, thus beginning his rivalry with Wolverine, he tried to kill Jubilee, a teenager, after she released her from his shackles, showing that he has no problem to hurting the childs, he threatens to kill 12 villagers unless Wolverine fights him, aids in Apocalypse's final plan to destroy the entire universe, and presumably kills his own son at the end of "Bloodlines" (though to be fair he deserved it after all the damage he had done, but it still counts as a case of family cruelty.)


I'll let you decide if this guy meets what it takes to be PE. But for me, it's a yes.