So today we're looking at villains of two categories: Affably Evil and Faux Affably Evil. And there's always something amiss regarding the villains' affable natures, especially if they are not. One instance is that you have a villain who is both Affably Evil and Faux Affably Evil altogether, which clearly doesn't add up. Or a villain, who was never at all nice to begin with (or were previously nice but decide to shed it altogether), had their status as Affably Evil, which seriously defeats the purpose of said category. And we're looking at some of these examples that have the wrong categories added.


  • Ryder - Ryder was previously under the Affably Evil category, but for all we know, Ryder was clearly nowhere nice to begin with. In fact, he clearly likes to get under CJ's skin after his return to Los Santos to pick up the pieces. Especially in during missions where comes off as a smartass (pardon the language) and wasn't even remotely friendly towards his own friend. Yes, he aids him during missions and make friendly remarks with CJ, but even then he often comes off as an aloof individual, and is envious to his very core towards the main protagonist as well. And his betrayal towards CJ becomes obvious as well, which shows that he views CJ nothing more than a "busta".
  • Stinky Pete - Okay so because he was nice towards Sheriff Woody makes him a nice villain, right? Wrong. He sheds that nature and wants to force Woody into joining the Roundup Gang in the museum, which could've brought devastating consequences as a result. In addition, he wrongfully frames Jesse for turning on the TV and waking up Al McWhiggin to ensure that Woody doesn't escape with his disembodied arm. This also shows that he isn't anywhere near Affably Evil, just a self-absorbed villain who only wanted attention in the museum, even if it means not being able to move for an eternity.
  • Lance Vance - Like Ryder, Lance Vance was nowhere in good terms with Tommy Vercetti from the very start. Yes, he's a very capable fighter and was shown putting up a fight in the final mission, but he was shown to be incredibly inept at his job and is unable to move on from the loss of his brother, Victor Vance, which further shows that he was nothing more than a burden to Tommy. Yes, he was nice to Victor Vance in Vice City Stories, though Victor himself has seriously mixed feelings towards him, especially in regards to his recklessness. Still, given the fact that Lance has shed any of his redeeming qualities despite not being Pure Evil, his affable nature has turned into a cynical one in the end.
  • VIKI - Another villain that was previously Affably Evil, because no Affably Evil villain would ever eradicate humanity in order to make way for sentient, murderous robots to take over the world. If the AI was ever nice to begin with, then she shouldn't have sent an army of robots at her disposal in order to kill Spooner from ever revealing the evidence (can't blame Spooner about his tragic past as to why that robot saved him instead of the girl that was meeting her demise, which developed his hatred for sentient robots).
  • A Pimp Named Slickback - Despite being an obviously abusive, misogynistic pimp towards his girls, he does obviously show his politeness towards the others, and is well-spoken about it too. He was even shown coaching Tom in regards of treating his own wife. This shows that beneath his misogynistic nature, he is indeed affable by nature.


So there you go. I didn't want to make a ridiculously-long blog regarding these two categories, but those are examples of villains that were in the wrong categories. A villain who is truly nice can never be Faux Affably Evil, and a villain who pretends to be nice, only to backstab them later on (or if said villain wasn't truly nice to begin with and often comes off as abrasive and brutish) can never be Affably Evil. I hope everyone can understand that.

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