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When you're a millionaire and wanted to use your own family members as means of sacrifice.

Back by popular demand! After having endured 8 days of no internet, I've finally mustered myself up to make a new proposal of the day. And for our proposal is none other than Cyrus Kriticos from Thirteen Ghosts (or Thir13en Ghosts), who is both a millionaire and a madman in order to fulfill his twisted goals in bringing the thirteenth ghost (aka Arthur Kriticos, his own nephew) and become all-powerful within his "mansion", or in this case, the Basileus' Machine that's designed to literally kill you. When it comes to sacrifices, he doesn't ever value his family's lives, not even his own lover. Without further ado, let's get this proposal started!

What is the Work?

Thir13en Ghosts is a supernatural horror film released in 2001 directed by Steve Beck, essentially a remake of the 1960 film 13 Ghosts. It follows the apparent death of Cyrus Kriticos whilst hunting down for ghosts, with his inheritance passed on to his nephew, Arthur Kriticos. Little did Arthur and his family know, however, Cyrus is very much alive and is bent on becoming all-powerful witht he use of the Basileus' Machine, a home that's actually a deadly device used as to contain the 12 ghosts inside, even sealing their victims inside without any means of escaping once activated.

Who is he?/What has he done?

Cyrus Kriticos is not only a powerful millionaire, he was also an adventurer and ghost hunter in containing the twelve, deadly ghosts inside his "mansion", or the Basileus' Machine, before his apparent death. In reality, he was still alive and he wanted to use his own nephew as a sacrifice in order for him to become the 13th ghost, which could make Cyrus an all-powerful, supernatural human. He had also enslaved the ghosts in order to do his bidding before they turned against their "master" and threw him to his demise.

Heinous Standards

Cyrus is not really a family man, and he views his own relatives as nothing more than obstacles in order to achieve his goal, showing no care towards his own nephew and his own lover, Kalina Oretzia, who initially used her as a minion in order to help achieve his goals, but had purposefully left her for dead by being pancaked by the two glass inside the chamber. Even though the ghosts were largely a threat, Cyrus used them as mere tools in order to kill their victims, save for one who needed a sacrifice in order for him to become nigh unstoppable. If any, he cares for absolutely no one except for himself in achieving his ultimate power. Though once the ghosts found out about Cyrus' motives, they ultimately turn on him and led him to his demise by being chopped to pieces by the machine, thus ending his heinousness in ever achieving his true goal of becoming the ultimate superhuman there is.

Mitigating Factors

Sadly, he lacks any and all form of compassion, even went as far as to betray Kalina into her untimely demise. While she is indeed a villain, she's the ultimate definition of a Scapegoat because Cyrus views his henchmen and his lover as nothing more than mere tools in order to achieve his goals. And he certainly doesn't care about his own nephew either, much less his family. In fact, he wanted to use his own nephew as a living sacrifice in order to become the most powerful man ever, regardless of consequences. With money comes with great power, and Cyrus uses it in the most sadistic way ever.

Final Verdict

An obvious yes. Up to you guys to decide whether he passes or not.

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