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Father Elijah

Former Brotherhood of Steel turned complete madman, he also takes pleasure in gambling other peoples' lives.

(Was about to make a third proposal though a power outage last night kept me from it, forcing me to start things over.)

The PE Proposal is the same franchise but with a sequel and expansion DLC, and we have none other than Father Elijah from Fallout: New Vegas and its expansion pack Dead Money. Former Brotherhood of Steel elder turned owner of Sierra Grande, he also had resorted in performing unethical experimentations, including kidnapping select victims in achieving his goals in opening the Sierra Grande, even if it means disposing his victims.

Now, let's get this proposal started, shall we?

What is the work?

Fallout: New Vegas is a survival-roleplaying shooting game (can be played on both first person or third person) developed by Obsidian Entertainment, taking the role of the Courier in retrieving the Platinum Chip after being shot by Benny before being rescued. The Courier will encounter many factions and other places within the Mojave Wasteland.

Who is he?/What has he done?

Father Elijah was a former elder of the Brotherhood of Steel and founder of the Sierra Madre resort and casino. Prior to his defection, he was a brilliant scientist for the Brotherhood of Steel, but once his sanity came and went, he went mad and resorted in kidnapping select victims in having them to open up the casino and resort, regardless of consequences. Especially by fitting them with bomb collars that are set to go off and kill them should they refuse to fulfill his tasks.

In reality, Elijah was nothing more than a deserter, and a mad scientist who performed horrendous experimentations before residing in Sierra Madre and had his victims (Courier included) in tasking them to open the casino, and doesn't really care if they live or die.

Heinous Standards

Elijah doesn't really care at all about the NCR, much less the Brotherhood of Stell, and truly doesn't care about the victims he's acquired end up dying, whether Sierra Madre opens or not. Despite his age, he's still proven a dangerous individual when it comes to using other people to do his bidding or risk a gruesome death. And his failure at Helios One is what led to his ultimate villainy and take the Sierra Madre by any means necessary.

And he treats other people, the Courier included, as his personal pawns, and if things don't go his way, he'll be more than happy to set off bomb collars and kill them off without any sense of care, just like when Eulogy Jones strapped bomb collars around his slaves, including children, and have them work for him or risk a gruesome death. Even if the Courier does indeed open the Vault, should the Courier be unlucky enough to rummage through his files, he/she will be completely trapped inside the Vault forever and Elijah will have fulfilled his tasks.

Mitigating Factors

Elijah is a prime example of a Fallen Hero; he only served good only to completely shed away afterwards in order for him to go for something far bigger, and his redeeming factors were completely buried to the ground, to the point where he isn't the least bit sorry for his actions, including his pawns whom he strapped them with bomb collars that allows him to detonate them at will if things don't go his way. That explains his mysterious disappearance from the Brotherhood of Steel; he sought no care about them, and resorted to perform unethical experimentation, and trying to claim Sierra Madre for himself, regardless of lives lost.

Final Verdict

After thorough reading about Father Elijah, I'm giving him a yes, even though Dead Money wasn't the best expansion pack for New Vegas. As for everyone else, all up to your votes.

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