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His method of taking the throne sounds like that of Erik Killmonger from the MCU, but definitely more twisted.

It's been really, really long since the last proposal was made, which was upon a serial killer named Death Gun from Sword Art Online. For today, I'll be proposing a villain made by one of the pioneers of 3D animation in Malaysia, but the twist is, this proposal would be unique because it would be from a comic series by Malaysia's subsidiary of the Japanese publishing house that is Kadokawa Corporation, Gempak Starz. The villain we're here to introduce is Emperor Reramos.

What is the Work?

BoBoiBoy Galaxy is a superhero television series animated by Animonsta. However, the animated version of the second series was delayed not only due to the Movement Control Order in Malaysia, but also due to the plans of the collaboration with Bandai Namco and CN, Mechamato. Thus, Animonsta decided to have the second series released in the comics form first.

Who is He?

Emperor Reramos serves as a major antagonist in BoBoiBoy Galaxy, taking center stage in the Planet Windara arc. He's a tyrant who usurped the throne from Kuputeri after she went dormant to recover from her injuries she sustained fighting Retak'ka.

What Did He Do?

Emperor Reramos usurped the throne of the former ruler of Planet Windara, Kuputeri, during her hundred-year abscence, terrorizing and enslaving the inhabitants there for over a hundred years. With her Wind powers taken by Retak'ka, Kuputeri, emerging from her deep slumber, is left helpless at his presence. So, Kuputeri and her retainer Mariposa head off to Earth to look for BoBoiBoy.

Mariposa takes hostage of Gopal to lure BoBoiBoy to give Kuputeri her Wind element. Hang Kasa and Kuputeri stop their fighting. The latter was tasked to examine BoBoiBoy's mastery of the Wind Element, demanding to take back the Wind Element.

Reramos' royal guard, Muskida and his wasp minions, the Kelkatoan discover that Kuputeri emerged from her cocoon. He orders Muskida to look for Kuputeri so that he could continue his reign of terror. BoBoiBoy and his gang visit Planet Windara with Kuputeri and Maripos only to be ambushed by the army alongside Muskida and his lackeys, the Five Generals.

Gopal, Yaya, Ying and Maripos hide in the rebels' bunker while BoBoiBoy and Fang were stranded at Kepaku. They were joined by fellow rebel Papileon to free the slaves at the concentration camp, while they defeated Muskida, who escaped with his cyborg body. Papiliam provides Fang a key to an armory room, to rescue the kidnapped Kuputeri.

Later, BoBoiBoy and Fang discover Reramos and Kuputeri. Kuputeri, is revealed to have defeated the Kelkatoans, and threatened to stop Reramos. Muskida summons his flies to intercept, before Reramos revealed his plan of using the Signal Crystal to brainwash the Windarans to submit to him, but Kuputeri reveals that the signal was originally meant to be a guiding light, not a brainwashing device. Threatening to release the Karantular, he convinces Kuputeri to give the crystal anyway.

With four out of five of the lackeys defeated, the gang reached the throne room where they were tricked by Muskida into getting trapped and that Kuputeri was held hostage. When BoBoiBoy demand Reramos to release Kuputeri, Muskida showed that the rebels were a threat, as he had managed to hold off Maripos with the help of his flies, much to BoBoiBoy and his gang's shock. While they are surrounded by even more Kelkatoan, Reramos offered to give them a chance to leave the Windara planet, but BoBoiBoy refused, argued that many people have suffered from his reign of terror and demanded him to release Kuputeri, which Reramos replied by summoning even more Kelkatoans to force them to submit. Reramos demanded Kuputeri to unlock master control of the Signal Crystal or he will threaten to have BoBoiBoy and the others killed.

Muskida and the Kelkatoans were no match for the gang, but Reramos summoned the Karantula against them. BoBoiBoy Triple Split into Thunderstorm, Cyclone and Ice. Kuputeri informs BoBoiBoy that the only way to defeat the Karantula is the Tempest element. BoBoiBoy merged back into Cyclone to disarm the crystal from Reramos. Reramos cowardly told him that Karantula become extremely wild and uncontrollable without the staff's control. Cyclone then tried to defeat the monster, but later he evolved into Tempest and successfully beat the Karantula into submission. BoBoiBoy detransforms with the help of Kuputeri due to the instability of his Tempest Form.

At the end of the day, Reramos and the generals were arrested for their crimes, as the crystal turns out to be a Power Sphere known as LampBot, which was taken to TAPOPS custody. Kuputeri appoints BoBoiBoy as the new master of the Tempest Element, and thus, passes down her duties of wielding the Wind element.

Heinous Standard

First of all, we have villains like Bora Ra who destroyed Ochobot, the very Power Sphere who gave BoBoiBoy and his gang abilities in front of him while absorbing the teleport element from him and tried to use it to destroy the Earth with a wormhole, Vargoba who caused the losses of most of the TAPOPS fleet and tried to have an entire planetary system turned into a frozen wasteland by gaining the power of the Sunnova Station and the aforementioned Retak'ka who literally absorbed the powers of seven Power Sphere wielders before trying to have the entire Earth absorbed into him so that he can become a master of the Elements.

Other than them, the other villains either fail the heinous standard, are played for laughs, have truly sympathetic backgrounds while being played for sympathy and etc. Reramos' slavery possesses on-page effects, which is the Kepaku concentration camp and it's considered as a unique crime as we've not seen anybody involved in concentration camps in the series ever. Not to mention that he took advantage of another benevolent ruler's powerless state to usurp the throne and rule with an iron fist as a low blow towards Kuputeri passes the Moral Event Horizon over here due to said act being relative unique too. Even so, it seems like he got no concern for his troops, not even Karantula or the Kelkatoan, which are both animalistic aliens without a characterization or clear moral agency, as Reramos' concern for his own troops wasn't even shown on page while he only saw the aforementioned aliens as weapons rather than actual animals.

Mitigating Factors

None. Reramos was evil from the start, taking a country from their already dormant monarch for themselves only, and only treats the Karantula as his attack dog proving that Reramos doesn't even care for it. He even begged the heroes to leave Windara just to save his own skin, in an attempt to trick the heroes into not fighting him so that he could continue his evil goals.

Final Verdict

Seems like this guy's a keeper. I'll give him a yes.