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A Pure Evil proposal involving The Hunter (Jack Reacher), villain of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

What is the source?

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is a 2016 action film released by Paramount Pictures. It was based on the Lee Child book Never Go Back. The plot follows Jack Reacher going on the run with an Army Major who has been framed for espionage, as the two reveal a dark conspiracy.

Who is he?

The Hunter (real name: unknown) is the central antagonist of the 2016 action thriller film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. He is a highly skilled former military sniper and a freelance powerful assassin who works for General James Harkness.

What did he do?

The Hunter is a former sniper-turned-hitman under the employ of General Harkness. The Hunter kicks off the plot by killing two of Susan Turner's soldiers, and then incriminating the latter and falsely throwing her in jail for espionage. When Jack Reacher and Turner's lawyer Moorcroft start looking into the conspiracy, the Hunter kills Moorcroft, framing Reacher. Relentless in his pursuit of Reacher and Turner, the Hunter callously murders anyone that comes into his path, including two policemen, the foster parents of Samantha Dutton (Reacher's supposed daughter), and even his own allies and subordinates. He goes on to state that killing Reacher "won't be enough", and says that he's going to kill Samantha personally, just to hurt Reacher. Even after Harkness is arrested and the conspiracy is uncovered, the Hunter simply replies that he "doesn't give a shit" and continues to hunt for Sam, eventually catching her and attempting to force Reacher to surrender by threatening to throw her off a building. The two engage in a vicious fight. Reacher gains the upper hand, breaks the Hunter's arm, leg and back, and then, ends the fight with breaking the villain's neck, ultimately defeating and killing him once and for all.

Freudian excuse

None, he was motivated by his sadism and desire to hurt Reacher.

Mitigating factors

The Hunter is an egotistical and manipulative person who is willing to kill anyone while hunting for Samantha to hurt Jack Reacher.

Heinous standard

He killed his own allies and subordinates on the manhunt of Samantha. He also threatened to throw Samantha of the building and stated that killing Jack Reacher would not be enough. Most of these were shown onscreen.

Moral agency

He is fully aware of what he is doing and he has no remorse for that.

Conclusion/Final verdict

He is a great candidate for approval. Would you agree?

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