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Hello everybody, today I'll be discussing my plans for my proposals in regards to characters featured in The King's Man. When I reserved the movie it was honestly just because I'm a fan of the series, after Poppy in The Golden Circle I genuinely wasn't expecting the next instalment to have not one but two potential candidates in its villains so let's just get into those. Please keep in mind this blog is not at all in depth, for that you'll have to wait for the proposals themselves. Btw this blog for as tiny as it is contains spoilers in the next paragraph so if you've not yet seen the movie don't read this.

The Shepherd

Captain Morton - the Boer War.png

First of all there's the film's big bad Captain Morton AKA The Shepherd a vengeful Scotsman who orchestrates the Great War with his "Flock" all as a means to wipe out England as a means of retribution for how the country had treated Scotland and his own family in the past. While that may at first seem rather sympathetic Morton is a total monster of a human being who kills plenty of people including his own henchmen who he doesn't tolerate failure or insubordination from, abuses his goats and even kills one and well did you miss the part where I said orchestrated the Great War? A conflict that resulted in upmost of millions of deaths...

Grigori Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin (The King's Man).png

Next up we have Grigori Rasputin in yet another case of historical villain upgrade mode with him. At first I wasn't so sure about him but I think considering his circumstances he just barely manages to scrape through considering how much worse he manages to be than the others in The Flock save for The Shepherd of course. He's got the entire Romanov family in his pocket, he drugs them often as a form of brainwashing so he can easily influence their important decisions, poisons their son as a means of tricking them into pulling out of the War and thus dooming England to be wiped out citing a false prophecy as his reasoning, brutally attacks and nearly kills three of the main characters and helps cause the numerous deaths in the war. It's only really natural that he'd be the only other candidate since well he gets the most focus out of The Flock members who aren't The Shepherd and with not really that much in the way of resources in the grand scheme of things manages to accomplish quite a lot.

The other villains in the movie are mostly standard and don't really do much with maybe the exception of Erik Jan Hanussen however I don't think he does quite enough even when taking account his lesser resources than his boss thanks to Rasputin.

Proposals for both of these characters will be up once Epideme's is finished and I've completed Morton's page, thank you for reading.