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New PE proposal this time for the first of the two "Lows" I'll be discussing from the Red Dwarf episode "Demons & Angels".

What's the work?

Red Dwarf is a sci fi sitcom series owned by the BBC and Dave which follows the misadventures of Dave Lister the last human alive, Arnold Rimmer a hologram of his frenemy and roommate, The Cat a man who evolved from cats and Kryten a mechanoid who the crew rescued from his own ruined ship.

Who is he?

Low Lister is the dark alternate counterpart to the series main protagonist Dave Lister. Being essentially the exact same person as him however with none of his good qualities.

What has he done?

Low Lister was created after a device called the Triplicator sent the Red Dwarf crew into three; the main crew, the Highs (versions of the crew with all of their best qualities) and the Lows (members of the crew with all of their worst qualities). Before he even shows up on screen Low Lister shoots both High Cat and High Kryten then with Low Cat blows them up with a grenade. He then chases down his main incarnation into the cargo decks of his ship and after he's incapacitated thanks to Low Kryten and Low Rimmer takes the main Lister into the Low's drive room where they implant a body control implant into his spine, forcing him into doing their bidding. Low Lister in particular uses this to his advantage in a nasty way, getting his comrades to give him ways of torturing the latter which included making him burn his own crotch with boiling water, making him eat a live tarantula and making him squeeze his face in a cabinet door.

Low Lister then uses his main incarnation to kill the remainder of both the High and main Red Dwarf crews, managing to get him to murder both High Rimmer and Lister before sending him after the main crew, ultimately electing to abandon his comrades and hide in the main crew's starbug in order to get eradicate the crew and steal their version of Red Dwarf, in the end however Low Lister was killed after Cat heard him laughing while hiding in a supply cupboard, allowing him to open fire on the cupboard, thus killing Low Lister and ending the Lows' rampage.

Heinous Standards

Red Dwarf doesn't actually have a particularly high heinous standard and even with that in mind most of the villains are too powerful and have more screen time and opportunities to commit evil than Low Lister. His only real competition is the other Lows who he manages to outclass with the exception of Low Cat who has his own proposal to go alongside this one and counts as evil in a different sense.

Within barely ten minutes of screen time Low Lister manages to kill four people, torture his main counterpart before turning him into a puppet who he uses to try and kill the main Red Dwarf crew after abandoning his own crew and wiping out the High counterparts.

Mitigating Factors?

He seems to get along with the other Lows however this is out of shared sadism and not genuine affection or care, this is further cemented by how he abandons them to go after the main crew in the end.

Low Lister was created by accident thanks to a device called the Triplicator and has clear moral agency as he is essentially the same person as Lister (or at the very least part of him) however fully embraced all of the latter's dark qualities and allowed himself to become a sadistic psychopath in a similar sense to another one of Lister's alternate forms Lister's Other Self.


Considering what he manages to accomplish in his short screen time and how he still manages to measure up in a unique way compared to other antagonists from this specific episode, even the similarly awful Low Cat I'd say he counts, yes.