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John Paul

Okay here's a character I really never expected to discuss until I got around to writing his biography and that's John Paul.

Who is He?

John Paul is a character created by Brian "Limmy" Limond who appears frequently throughout the anthology web series Limmy's World of Glasgow as well it's TV successor Limmy's Show. For the sake of this proposal I will mainly be discussing the version from the web series, as due to network limitations on what could be shown on BBC 2 John Paul's villainy was undercut significantly there.

That being said however both versions share the same personality, I.e John Paul in both versions is a sadistic, psychopathic hooligan who has no boundaries to who he tries to harm, and spends his days doing nothing but extorting and annoying people.

What's the Work

Limmy's World of Glasgow is a web podcast series following the lives of several characters with John Paul being one of them. The series is a comedy that although revolving around anti-humour rarely gets into particularly dark or heavy territory, aside from John Paul.

Limmy's Show is similar in this respect although occasionally does delve into dark and sometimes sombre areas and themes.

Heinous Standards

While not having any confirmed kills John Paul does have two very heavily implied murders under his belt, even with that aside however he has done the following things.

Numerous acts of brutal physical assault such as; bursting a man's nose, kicking him in the groin and forcing him to walk down a railway track, smashing a man's head into bathroom tiles before beating him to a pulp, attacking a taxi driver out of impulse and nearly making him crash, slamming a young man's face into a glass container covered in his spit, and winding a man for justifiably being appalled at him tormenting a family in Pizza Hut. His attacks have been upon young men frequently as in most of the stories, and women such as the American girl who he harassed, assaulted and threatened to kill, and even the elderly with one woman in particular having her glasses and nose broken at his hands.

Aside from this he has also blackmailed a stewardess into serving him Heineken underage, threatening to murder her infant daughter if she didn't comply with his wishes, then blackmailed a young man into running through a bonfire for sticking up for a woman who John Paul was threatening, both of these events resulted poorly for the other parties, with John Paul getting the stewardess fired by announcing to the staff and fellow passengers that she served him beer, and with John Paul causing the young man to burn nearly to death just for sticking up for his friend.

As alluded to before John Paul doesn't even refrain himself around children, flat out telling a young boy he was going to kill his father right in front of him, and threatening to murder a stewardess's daughter with every intention of carrying out the threat if she didn't comply with him.

On top of this he has committed numerous other crimes including harassment via telephone which he did for weeks to a woman who accidentally misdialled him and didn't apologise, stalking such as when he chased down a man minding his own business in a park, "human fishing" which involved tying a £20 note to a fishing rod and dangling it into the streets below and injuring people in doing so, vandalism such as his failed intentions and ultimate backup plan to one of the Kelvin Grove art gallery exhibits and general delinquent-esque behaviour such as his tormenting against a family trying to enjoy their meal in Pizza Hut.

There's no other character in the podcasts nearly as bad as he is, and as for the show, I'd still say he's probably the most heinous character.

Freudian Excuse

None given

Moral Agency

Although his voice and mannerisms make him sound and appear relatively unintelligent John Paul is actually quite smart and knows full well what he is doing, and enjoys it.

Mitigating Factors

Although John Paul is from a comedy series, his actions especially in Limmy's World of Glasgow are not downplayed by his humour, in Limmy's Show this isn't the case either, although he is slightly more comedic in the latter version.

He is also occasionally presented as being polite and talkative, however whenever this happens it is always an act such as in the Taxi Driver story or in the Junior story/sketch where he ultimately subverts the only possible mitigating factors he has.

Speaking of Junior, the way he attacks the man who told Junior to be quiet on the train could be a potential argument, however considering his motives for attacking him were for what John Paul perceived as telling him to shut up, as well how he ignored Junior's pleas to leave the man alone and how John Paul didn't stop him from going after the man instead, it's apparent this wasn't an act done in Junior's favour.




If this were to just go by Limmy's Show then no, but with both Limmy's Show AND Limmy's World of Glasgow in mind, honestly I'm giving him a mild yes. Sure he hasn't killed anyone but the brutality of a lot of his crimes and the way he treats even children and the elderly puts him above the standard I'd say.

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