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This character isn't on the PE category, but since a certain user is adamantly arguing for his inclusion (the user is blocked, but they can still potentially create sockpuppets and make effortposts for the character), I'll just make this removal proposal to have him marked as "rejected" for preemption.

Nick. St Clair

Who Is He?

Nick St. Clair is a major antagonist in the CW series Riverdale. He is a rapist who tries to force himself on Veronica, attempts to rape Cheryl, and kidnaps Archie before beating him in order to blackmail Veronica into having sex with him.

Why Doesn't He Qualify?

Nick appears in a show with mass murderers, serial killers and drug dealers. We have a crime lord who goes around instigating riots, killing teenagers, and so on. We also have a guy who goes around brutally killing anyone he deems as sinners and even terrorizes his own family. Then, there's the Gargoyle King who tricks kids into playing a game called "Gryphons and Gargoyles", only to ruin their lives and convince them to kill themselves. Heck, even the good guys commit questionable acts, such as dealing drugs and beating people. Nick has two rape victims at the most, and aside from brutalizing Archie, which is pretty tame given how that stuff happens all the time in the show, he's a baby compared to the overall heinous standards.

EDIT: Oh, and there's also a pedophile who has sex with her music students.



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