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Not too sure about this one, but thought I should give it a try.


What’s The Work

The Great Silence is a 1968 western film about a mute gunslinger called Silence who is trying to defend a snowy town called Snow Hill from a group of bounty killers.

Who is the Candidate? What Have They Done?

Loco is the central antagonist of the film. He is a bounty killer who is out to wipe out a group of outlaws so he can collect a bounty from a banker called Henry Pollicut.

Loco spends most of the movie gunning down outlaws for the money, prompting his victims’ loved ones to plead for Silence to kill him as revenge. He eventually attacks Silence at a bar, and when the town sheriff arrests him for this and tries to take him out of town, he tricks the sheriff into freeing him before killing the sheriff. He returns to Snow Hill, holds an entire squad of outlaws hostage, and forces Silence to personally duel with him. When Silence arrives, he guns Silence down before killing Pauline (Silence’s lover) and ordering the deaths of all of the captured outlaws. He then smugly rides off to collect the reward.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

He claims that he is bringing justice and giving the criminals what they deserved, but this is very clearly nothing more than an excuse to kill both out of sadism and for the money. There is nothing besides that. He is the embodiment of greed.

Heinous Standard

While his boss Pollicut is certainly not a saint for not only paying Loco to commit those murders but also forcing himself on Pauline twice, Loco has a higher body count, displays sadistic glee in carrying out the bounty killings, and stands out more through having more characterization and a bigger role. The outlaws do not count either because they only steal out of desperation, and it is established that murdering them is absolutely inhuman and gratuitous.

Final Verdict

Weak yes.

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