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Thought I should give this a try seeing how the character in question is a realistic representation of sexual predators.


What’s The Work

Tape is a 2020 independent drama film. It tackles the subject of sexual predators in Hollywood.

Who is the Candidate? What Have They Done?

Lux St. Seguin is the main antagonist of the movie. He is a sexual predator who would "befriend" aspiring actresses, promise to help launch their career, and then manipulate and pressure them into having sex with him. Whilst having sex, he would film himself and then upload the footage onto pornographic websites afterwards. He has done this to multiple women in the past, including Rosa (who spends the movie stalking him and his latest victim Pearl in order to expose him to the public).

In the movie, after aspiring actress Pearl tries to audition for a project he is working on and is rejected, Lux befriends her and offers to manage her career. When she agrees, he lures her into a set in the basement of a studio and makes her practice a scene from a drama film for a screen test. They casually read the lines in the script before Lux starts kissing her and forcing her to strip herself. When she complies, Lux spends hours pressuring her to have sex with him. She finally gives in, and as usual, he films themselves.

Later when Rosa confronts Lux in a diner and tries to shoot him, he taunts her when she is unable to bring herself to do it.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

None. Lux's "nice guy" act is used purely to manipulate, and he drops the act completely at the end of the film when he is confronted by Rosa. He constantly compliments Pearl for having the "power" to "silence" him, but it is made clear that he is only using this as another method to manipulate.

Heinous Standard

The movie takes place in a realistic setting where tons of other rapists and predators exist too. But Lux is the only one with any screentime and presence, and he is the only one with an established pattern. This also rules out offscreen villainy as an issue.

Final Verdict