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Not so sure why this hasn’t been brought up yet, but here we go.

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What’s The Work

Jennifer’s Body is a 2009 horror/comedy film.

Who is the Candidate? What Have They Done?

Nikolai Wolf is the secondary antagonist of the film. While performing with his band at a bar, he causes a fire to kill almost everyone at the bar. Afterwards, he kidnaps Jennifer and sacrifices her to the Devil, violently stabbing her multiple times under the impression that she is a virgin. However, since she actually isn’t one, she gets possessed instead and starts devouring humans. Nikolai even takes credit for saving people at the bar during the fire.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

Doesn’t show any remorse nor is he sympathetic in any way. His relation with his band isn’t really mitigating either since he only treats them in a way that ensures they would want to aid him in his crimes.

Heinous Standard

While Jennifer spends the movie seducing and eating boys, Nikolai is the one who caused her to commit those murders in the first place as he tried to sacrifice her, leading to her demonic possession. The fire at the bar effectively ramps up his body count, and unlike Jennifer who is possessed, Nikolai has full agency over his deeds.

Final Verdict


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