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Formality post time. And although the character is already marked as approved, I feel like giving him a proper discussion since he’s one of the most popular villains here.

Peter Stegman

What’s The Work

Class of 1984 is a 1982 action thriller crime film. It is about a teacher called Andrew Norris who gets a new job at a high school...

Who is the Candidate? What Have They Done?

You all know who he is. Peter Stegman is the iconic main villain of the film. He is the leader of a gang of neo-nazis who “own” the school. Stegman runs drug and prostitution rings, and he bullies and dominates other kids at school, especially black students. When Norris refuses to let Stegman play the piano in his class, Stegman goes out of his way torment Norris. He vandalizes Norris’s car, kills and skins Terry Corrigan’s animals, frames Norris for beating him, and taunts Norris after Norris is brushed off by Stegman’s mother.

Assuming that Arthur told Norris about the illegal activities that Stegman is running, Stegman has Arthur stabbed.

Towards the end of the movie, Stegman gang rapes Norris’s wife before kidnapping her. He has his girlfriend lure Norris with a picture of the gang rape, and he eventually tries to kill both Norris and his wife. After being beaten, Stegman tries to get Norris’s sympathy and pleads for him to save him, only to try to slash Norris with a knife when Norris gives in and tries to save him.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

The closest thing he has to an FE is that his father is dead. However, this is never played for sympathy nor is it even expanded upon, and given Stegman’s malicious nature, it’s very likely that Stegman himself killed his father. As for mitigating factors, he shows some care for his mother, but this is clearly manipulative. He also acts somewhat loyal to his gang, but it’s very unlikely that he actually cares about them, and he only uses them as pawns.

Heinous Standard

Aside from the neo-nazis (who are led by Stegman anyway), he is the only actual villain. Everyone else either is just a jerk or doesn’t do anything to stand out.

Final Verdict

Very easy keep.

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