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Time to end this once and for all.


NOTE: While I am AWARE that the character in question currently isn’t under the category, the point of this removal proposal is to preempt further PE abuse on her page since several users have clearly been desperate to add her to the category. So I’ll ignore any “she wasn’t under the category to begin with” comments.

Who Is She?

Cersei Lannister is one of the main antagonists of the HBO series Game of Thrones (the TV adaption of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels). Throughout the series, she’s committed numerous cruel acts such as orchestrating the death of her own husband, destroying the Sept of Baelor and killing hundreds (if not thousands) of people as a result, torturing Septa Unella, poisoning Ellaria’s daughter in front of her and forcing Ellaria to watch her daughter rot, and executing Missandei. Sounds vile, right? However...

Why Doesn’t She Qualify?

As repugnant as she is, she very clearly cares about her children. Even Tyrion acknowledges that her redeeming quality is that she loves her children. When Joffrey is poisoned to death, she breaks down, and she is raped in the very next episode. She is furious when Tyrion has her daughter Myrcella sent off to Dorne, and she is openly overjoyed when she thinks that her daughter is returning home. But when she discovers that Myrcella is dead, she breaks down and laments that Myrcella was an innocent child who didn’t deserve to die (watch the scene here. Would you still call her PE?).

At the end of season 5, she is forced to do a VERY humiliating walk in front of a crowd (naked, no less), and the scene is very apparently played for sympathy.

While her relationship with Jaime is toxic and unhealthy, she still genuinely loves him to an extent, and she had a sympathetic “Alas, Poor Villain” death scene with him.


Not PE. Cut.

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