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  • Love Robin

    Scarred Velociraptor

    February 22, 2017 by Love Robin

    The Scarred Velociraptor is the alpha of a set of dinosaurs within the Jurassic Park universe, such creatures are used as a common form of predator for their worlds. In the video game, the leader, distinguished by the scar across her left eye, has been a consummate menace to all humans unfortunate enough to cross the Velociraptors' hunting ground. She is a major antagonist in Jurassic Park The Game.

    The Scarred Velociraptor originated on Isla Nublar, main location of the book and first film. In the videogame tie-in, a small team, made-up Billy Yoder, Oscar Morales and Nima Cruz, are sent to recover scattered survivors on the island. The team encounters a particularly dominant set of Velociraptors. Establishing his skills immediately, Oscar fights and…

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  • Love Robin

    Be a Sub Commander

    January 13, 2017 by Love Robin

    There is some confusion about HOW to Properly and Correctly make Sub-categories.

    This is understandable because UNLIKE PAGES, adding a category to a category does NOT make the added cat a Subcat. Let me expalin that.

    Say we have as categories Houses, Rooms, and Closets and you wish to arrange them in a proper and correct (sub)Category Tree. It should take the form of:

    • Houses
      • Rooms
        • Closets

    That makes sense because ALL Rooms are in a house and ALL closets are in rooms, and even though closets are also in houses they are nonetheless a subset of rooms so you don't make Closets a subcategory of Houses. It is a sub-subcategory.

    Now to properly and correctly make a sub-category tree. You do NOT do the same as you would for pages. To include a Page in a Cate…

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  • Love Robin

    Schnee Dust Company

    December 26, 2016 by Love Robin

    The Schnee Dust Company, sometimes abbreviated SDC, is an organization from the ongoing American web cartoon RWBY and its Japanese manga adaptation/prequel. They are the largest supplier of Dust (a substance used for power and weaponry) in the world of Remnant. However, under the leadership of company president Jacques Schnee and his son and heir Whitley, the company has become corrupt and criminal.

    After the Great War, the kingdom of Mantle (which would be later known as Atlas) was on the verge of a full-scale industrial revolution. However, during this revolution and during the preceding war, the kingdom had exhausted its natural resources. A young man named Nicholas Schnee grew up with his warrior father, where he learned combat and also wo…

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  • Love Robin

    The Dromaeosaurus are minor antagonists in the 2009 movie Land of the Lost.

    The Dromaeosaurus are dangerous predators from The Land of the Lost. They appear when the protagonists come in the desert where many things from across time appear after being transported to this dimension. They see an ice cream truck appear, which is immediately invaded by Compsognathus. Shortly after, a pack of Dromaeosaurus arrives and makes them flee then violently attacks the truck. Terrified, the Iceman throws them many ice creams, which they seem to greatly appreciate. One of the Dromaeosaurus even rips the Iceman's arm and possibly kills him. Later, Grumpy arrives and scares the pack away.

    • Much like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park, the Dromaeosaurus are ta…

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  • Love Robin

    The Great White Shark is the main antagonist of the 2016 survival horror thriller film, The Shallows. This shark is shown targeting mainly Nancy Adams, a medical student on vacation in Mexico, but also targets anyone who wandered into its territory.

    During Nancy's surfing vacation in Mexico, she spotted a large dead humpback whale 20 yards away, while she is waiting to catch the next wave. The whale is shown to have a couple chunks of flesh bitten off of it, indicating that the shark had been feeding on its corpse for a while. As Nancy finally catches the last wave back to the beach, the shark intercepted her from beneath and knocks her off her board, where it then bit Nancy's leg and pulled her under. Nancy managed to climb onto the whale ca…

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