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Villains I Dislike That Everyone Else Loves


So, I was initially going to leave this as just a part of my user page, but I figure this'd fetch more attention and take up less space on my already cramped page. Besides, I rarely create blog posts and everyone else seems to do this kind of thing, so why not? Cooper's blog is here.

Keep in mind I never said I hated any of the villains on this list, as all of them have at least some good aspects to their character. It's just that while these characters are beloved in the eyes of everyone else, I personally find them weak. This can be due to fact that they're ineffective as villains, end up forced, or even more personal matters to me (that usually stem from edit wars) but I'll explain all that below.

  • Sauron: I don't know what the big…
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LucidPigeons LucidPigeons 6 January 2016

The Top Fifteen Animated Fight Sequences

We all love a good fight, don't we?

It's something that gets the blood boiling and raises the tension. The end result usually changes the course of the plot, and by hell they're usually pretty awesome. Today, I'll be counting down what I feel are the top fifteen greatest animated fight sequences. This includes animated movies and series; I won't include anime because there's way too many choices to pick from and my knowledge of it is fairly vague, so for now I'll stick with western cartoons.

Keep in mind this is all my opinion. I haven't seen every cartoon in the world, so feel free to make suggestions.

15. Qilby vs. Yugo and the Eliatropes  (Wakfu): I have to give this one major credits almost solely on visual appeal. While there isn't actuall…

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LucidPigeons LucidPigeons 6 January 2016


I'd like to remind some people on a few things, just so we don't have another incident like what's happened.

For fellow admins, if you see a troll, do not engage them, do not respond to them, and do not take what they say to heart. Revert, Ignore, Ban; this is the policy that will continue to serve us.

For users, this wiki is not a place to complain and spread hate and edit wars. If you dislike how the wiki is being run, resolve it calmly as opposed to complaining and demonizing others.

Lastly, harassment of any sort will not be tolerated. I'm adopting a zero-tolerance policy on that. If you are found guilty of attacking someone, you will automatically be blocked for six months at least. 

For the unenlightened, Robinsonbecky is our bureaucrat,…

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LucidPigeons LucidPigeons 6 January 2016

Short hiatus

As of the writing of this blog, I'll be going away for a short time, so I won't be able to be on here until I'm back. I'll do by best to be back by about Sunday.

Good day.

UPDATE: I will resume normal schedule come Monday.

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LucidPigeons LucidPigeons 6 January 2016

Antagonist "fussing"/Antagonistic Scale & New Policies

Alright, so it's time to address what I feel is a particularly annoying issue on this wiki.

As I've already noted, a significant amount of conflicts and edit wars seem to stem over abuse of what I like to call the "antagonistic scale." You may also know it as "antagonist fussing." I refer to the practice of various edits that involve the role of a villain or an antagonist in the story in which they are presented in. The standout examples are...

  1. ...overly specific ruling to an antagonist's role in the story, ex. primary, secondary, tertiary. Anything below secondary is generally subject to a lot of subjective viewing (and such edit clashes often come over it). While I am generally fine with "secondary" and to a much lesser extent "tertiary," …
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