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  • Magma MK-II

    What a world we live on now, huh?

    I had planned on doing a prank this year. But I guess it wouldn't be on good taste in our current situation. Guess I'll leave it for next year.

    Everything else on the wiki should go normally. This month's VFH will go as planned.

    Stay safe peoples.

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  • Magma MK-II

    SCP images

    March 25, 2020 by Magma MK-II

    I have been on the talks with User:DorkToast, who is a staff member of the official SCP wiki, about our use of the arts and renders of the SCP creatures on our own wiki.

    He's been nice enough to make two templates, , and to tag the pictures accordingly. I'd just like to make other admins and users aware of what he is doing, and ask to please not revert his edits.

    I'd also like to remind users about our rules regarding fanart, just because something is on the internet does not mean it is free to use.

    Have a nice day and keep up with the good edits.

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  • Magma MK-II

    Since it became clear that users aren't really putting much thought on both the proposals and votes, we will be tightening our rules for Pure Evil proposals from now on. We want users to understand how the category works, and to understand the work from which the proposed characters belong to.

    • Proposals will now be allowed only for users with at least five months of activity and 500+ contributions.
    • Simple yes/no votes will be invalid. Anyone voting MUST put a reason for their votes.
    • From now on, only 10 PE Proposals will be voted each 2 days in the red table. Don't bother other admins into forcing them to introduce your proposal in the red table.
    • PE's are not a badge of honor, don't insult other villains because they were rejected in the comme…
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  • Magma MK-II

    This has been due for quite a long time and been discussed for quite some time both here and on Discord. From now on we are tightening our rules on Fanfiction and original web stuff, forbidding anything that's obvious troll or exploitation stuff. Basically anything that has little to no plot and is just gibberish designed purely to offend and wouldn't pass off most parody laws, in case of works using existing characters.

    This will be our biggest purge yet and we are fully aware some users won't like it; this has already been decided though, and it isn't negotiable. We have the Villains Fanon wiki for a reason, so if you wanna make pages for these stuff so badly you can do so there. If in doubt talk to admins first and remember the golden ru…

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  • Magma MK-II

    First of all hello to all fellow user of the Villains Wiki. Wikia have recently introduced this new feature called Announcements, which is more or less a replacement to the old Forum's highlight feature. With it we admins can highlight blog posts or discussion topics so expect to see this being used more in the future.

    On another note, I'd like to invite all those who haven't joined yet to join our Discord channel, especially the admins. We have the Discord widget on the right of all pages, you just need to click the "Connect" button. Also no need to install any applications, you can easily navigate it through the browser. i'd also like to reiterate that this is entirely optional, I'm not forcing anyone to join it.

    This is it for now, if you…

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