This has been due for quite a long time and been discussed for quite some time both here and on Discord. From now on we are tightening our rules on Fanfiction and original web stuff, forbidding anything that's obvious troll or exploitation stuff. Basically anything that has little to no plot and is just gibberish designed purely to offend and wouldn't pass off most parody laws, in case of works using existing characters.

This will be our biggest purge yet and we are fully aware some users won't like it; this has already been decided though, and it isn't negotiable. We have the Villains Fanon wiki for a reason, so if you wanna make pages for these stuff so badly you can do so there. If in doubt talk to admins first and remember the golden rule: if you can't debate properly, don't debate at all, throwing tantrums won't strenghten your argument.

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