Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 21 March 2015

Use the Villain Infobox

I want to ask people to STOP using the Infobox template and use the Villain Infobox. The Infobox Template is just a base for all other Infoboxes and NOT meant to be used in the pages.

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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 6 February 2015

Problems with Headline voting

I wanted to believe this wasn't happening, but unfortunately this is the sad truth, so I'll be very brief with this post.

I have been noticing a pattern lately, of people that are downvoting nominations only so the nomination they voted on favor can win. People also seem to be ignoring the line about "Don't say anything that may be offensive to another". For now this will just be a reminder for the users who vote there, please don't keep with such behavior and try to be nice with others.

On another note, I have added a new rule to prevent people from voting on more than one nominee. When you vote for president or mayor or even a guild leader you can only vote on one candidate, so the same logic applies here.

Please feel free to comment and su…

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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 5 February 2015

Saving plagiarized pages

Hello guys, I've found an excellent tutorial on how to un-plagiarize a text, which will surely be helpful for all editors.


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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 9 January 2015

The chat is on!

From now on I'll be on the chat whenever I get online, both to incentive users to use this feature and so that users can contact me directly.

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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 16 December 2014

New Villain for Headline voting open.

Since all candidates for this month have been downvoted, I decided to start a new fresh voting, otherwise we'd either have no headlined article or have a downvoted headline, both of which would feel cheap.

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