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  • Magma MK-II

    Most wanted articles

    November 17, 2014 by Magma MK-II

    So, what are the articles we don't have yet, but you think would be great if we had?

    Maybe this can spark some interest in editors for some new stuff!

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  • Magma MK-II

    Lotdarkos has brought to my attention that we have some pages for characters that don't really qualify as villains. I'd like to hear people's opinions on pages that should be deleted or kept.

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  • Magma MK-II

    These are the deleted categories which are requiring cleaning-up:

    • Category:Attempted Murderer
    • Category:Big Bad Essemble‎‎
    • Category:From Nobody to Nightmare
    • Category:Remake Villains
    • Category:Secondary Villains
    • Category:Sequel Villains
    • Category:Tertiary Villains
    • Category:Villains who fell to their deaths
    • Category:Villains with Gruesome Deaths

    EDIT: Because nobody listens I'll just leave this warning here: anyone who creates new categories or recreates deleted categories without admin approval WILL be banned for a month. Have a nice day.

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  • Magma MK-II

    While I refrained from deleting this category before, I think it doesn't belong here anymore, due to the current rules specifying categories on companies are only allowed if the companies creations exist within the same multiverse, which is clearly not the case with Disney, given that they have acquired Marvel and LucasFilm, and their properties obviously don't exist within Disney's world.

    But before I go and erase it, I thought on asking everyone's opinions on it.

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  • Magma MK-II

    Right now we have way too many categories for our own good, so I'm here to propose the elimination of unnecessary categories. My suggestions are as follows:

    • Villains by Weapon Choice and all it's subcategories. Seriously, we don't need a category for every weapon possible;
    • Most of the subcategories of Villains by Power, for the same reasons above;
    • All subcategories of Elementals, for redundancy;
    • Some subcategories of the TV Tropes Terms (and pages as well). We need to be more original, and use TV Tropes as a reference, not simply copy everything that's there like it's being done.

    Please comment, and/or sugges some more that you may feel should be eliminated too.

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