Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 26 October 2012

General category cleaning

Right now we have way too many categories for our own good, so I'm here to propose the elimination of unnecessary categories. My suggestions are as follows:

  • Villains by Weapon Choice and all it's subcategories. Seriously, we don't need a category for every weapon possible;
  • Most of the subcategories of Villains by Power, for the same reasons above;
  • All subcategories of Elementals, for redundancy;
  • Some subcategories of the TV Tropes Terms (and pages as well). We need to be more original, and use TV Tropes as a reference, not simply copy everything that's there like it's being done.

Please comment, and/or sugges some more that you may feel should be eliminated too.

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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 14 December 2010

Taking a break

I'll be taking a break from the Villains Wiki this month. Good luck to everyone and happy new year!

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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 4 November 2010

What makes a hero a villain?

It has ben the discussion here over this week, so I might make this an official discussion. Many people are complaining about having some heroes here, so I want to discuss what exactly makes a hero a villain, and if we should delete or mantain the pages already created and which ones.

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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 15 March 2010


I thought it was time to hear some comments about my works here (Maybe because I'm bored). Welcome to your doom! 15:34, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

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