Hi everyone! it's me Malik the Teen (but just call me The Teen). and I'm going to share My Ideas. including villain names and stuff.

List of Ideas

Villain Names


please don't steal those names from me because I need those to use to make as characters and stuff

===Thief Names  ===

  • Radcliff the Shark
  • Wild Garret
  • Alan the Menace
  • Serpent Frederick
  • Normie Blue Eyes
  • Harva Five Fingers
  • Keanu Grin
  • Bullettooth Jazlyn
  • Mumbling Ana
  • Kimberley the Silent
  • Fast Fingers Samson
  • Rohan Ghost
  • Elvin Shades
  • Genevieve Blue Eyes
  • Hollee the Pickpocket
  • Will Gold Digger
  • Donald the Lunatic
  • Colbert Whisper
  • Wacko Brian
  • Bug-Eyed Kaliyah
  • Kailey Surface 
  • Douglas Eyepatch
  • Tracy the Buster
  • Carlos Grin
  • Nightmare Talia
  • Madalynn the Mad
  • Razor Sonia
  • Davin the Rat
  • Toothless Ellie
    • Preston the Danger
  • Fast Fingers Myra
  • Mad Daisey
  • Angel Eyes Kierste
  • Gianna the Mad

Supervillain name


Crossover Ideas


Henchmen/Henchwomen that can appear in The Henchmen Bros.


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