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Gorilla Grodd is a super intelligent, telepathic, anthropomorphic gorilla. A deadly opponent to all of the champions of good, Grodd is most well known for his arch-nemesis The Flash.

Who is he and What Has he Done?

Groilla Grodd was an average ape until an alien spacecraft from a radioactive meteor  crashed in Grodd's African home. Grodd and his tribe of gorillas were imbued with super intelligence by the ship's pilot. Grodd and fellow. Led by the alien, the gorillas constructed the super-advanced Gorilla City. The gorillas lived in peace until their home was discovered by explorers. Grodd forced one of the explorers to kill the alien and took over Gorilla City after he conquer Gorilla city next he want to get of rid of humans thus leave apes rule the Earth. Solovar the good groilla seek help the Flash stop Grodd for take the world with that Flash stop Grodd and sowen Vengeance on Flash and Solovar. 

One of Grodd’s wickest done he was responsible  for schemes was to arrange Solovar’s assassination and manipulate Gorilla City into war against humanity. In the course of this, Grodd absorbed too much neural energy from his fellow apes, leaving him with the intelligence of a normal ape.

Next Grodd’s another cruel thing he done to snaps Hunter Zolomon's back  and leaving him for dead thus make responsible for Hunter Zoom become a villain first place then Grodd Kill Monsieur Mallah and Brain (DC) use Brain Beat Mallah to death kill him and Brain.

Mitigating Factors

Grodd is one of the Flash's deadliest foes.

Final Verdict

I say yes to Groilla Grodd

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