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Hello guys. For the last day of 2020 i'm gonna propose a classic but obscure Warhammer Fantasy baddie who is quite nasty.

What's the work?

Warhammer (sometimes called Warhammer Fantasy to distinguish it from its space opera counterpart 40,000) is the name of a number of tabletop battle and roleplaying games marketed by UK firm Games Workshop. "Warhammer" was a tabletop battle game that began in 1983 and was previously known as Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WHFB), its last official edition (8th edition) was published in 2010. It was officially discontinued and replaced with the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar game universe by Games Workshop in July 2015, and all official GW support for Warhammer Fantasy Battle was discontinued, the same year when the videogame Total War Warhammer was released. Although it is gonna be revived as The Old World in the near future.

The Warhammer verse was closely based on our own, with continents laid out in a similar pattern, and the action was mostly located within "The Old World", roughly analogous to 15th-16th century Europe. Other locations of note are Ulthuan, the donut shaped island home of the High Elves, and "The New World", which has two continents, Naggaroth in the North, home to the Dark Elves, and southern Lustria, home to the Lizardmen. At the very North and South poles of the world were the Chaos Wastes, a nightmare realm from which the greatest evils of the world originated. In addition, the map of the Warhammer world included several locations not covered by the game, with such original names as Nippon and Cathay (Cathay is even protected by a "Great Bastion").  

Standard fantasy elements were also present — Elves used to dominate but are a shadow of their former selves; Dwarfs occupy the few mountain strongholds that have not yet fallen to Skaven, Orcs and Goblins. The forces of Chaos are present, both in the form of great warbands of mutated and corrupted warriors with horned helmets and as underground esoteric cult activity in the heart of imperial society, and families of powerful vampire nobles with armies of undead creatures at their back and call are planning to turn the Old World into a vast graveyard.

Warhammer is also characterized by an atmosphere of gallows humor and grimdark fantasy, the Greenskins (orcs and goblins) are goofy and sociopathic manchildren living only to cause mayhem, pillage, antagonizing the Dwarves and fighting battles against strong enemies, and their violent behaviour and lack of self-preservation (think of the Doomdiver catapult) is usually depicted as slapstick comedy rather than something horrible. The Dwarves are grudge obsessed sticks in the mud who once declared war on a elector count of the empire because he hired Dwarf craftsmen from Karak Kadrin to build it, promising them twelve dozen wagonloads of gold as payment. He ended up underpaying — by two and a half pennies. What would be a simple and forgettable accounting error to any reasonable person is a grave insult to the Dwarves. Bretonnia is a dark parody of King Arthur's britain where the peasants are dumb and always confined in poverty. The knights and aristocrats of Bretonnia are rich and snobbish jerks who frequently abuse the peasants and use them as monster bait and meat shields. And theres also that small issue for young wizard students that they can't cast a single spell without running the risk of being turned into a crazy mutant with tentacles by Chaos. Basically if you were to put Tolkien's Silmarillion, Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melnibone, the manga Berserk and Monty Python in a blender, you would get something similar to Warhammer Fantasy.

Who is he and what he has done?

Constant Drachenfels the Great Enchanter, later ressurected as The Nameless during the End Times storyline, is the main antagonist of the old Warhammer novel Drachenfels by Kim Newman. He's a powerful necromancer who sucks the life energy of others to keep himself immortal, using his victims corpses as new bodies for himself. Out of boredom, Drachenfels sends out massive armies to kill and torture everything in their paths, enslaving the souls of his victims to torture forever. Feigning repentance at one point, Drachenfels hosted a lavish feast for the Empire's nobles, only to paralyze them, torture their children to death and leave them to starve, forcing them to watch him smugly enjoying dinner. Returning to life later, Drachenfels possesses the lead actor of a play based on his defeat, slaughtering most in attendance before plotting to raze the empire, kill all he sees and harvest their souls for power and fun. In the time he's "dead" he amuses himself by supporting a serial killer that targets children.

Mitigating Factors

By Sigmar NO!

Heinous Standards

Warhammer's standards of Pure Evilness are pretty high, with nasty guys like Nagash, Gorthor the Beastlord, Be'lakor the first everchosen, Manfred Von Carstein and Sigvald the Magnificent. Drachenfels stands out for being the first major Warhammer villain other than the chaos gods to be considered serious evil incarnate even before Nagash's debut in 4th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. By any human standards, Drachenfels is evil given physical form. His actions have never been kind, just or noble, although they have a quality that some might consider purity. For example, his plots have a certain directness about them. When he allegedly repented his sins and became a better person before the court of Emperor Carolus, a less trusting man than the Emperor would have seen through his deception, or at least have had the sense to listen to those who did have such doubts. Drachenfels 'repented' only so that he could get close to and strike down his unwary, trusting enemies. But beyond such whimsies, he has killed, crippled and driven men insane, plotted and destroyed nations in a calculating fashion and in the heat of terrible rages.

Final verdict

Easy keep.

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