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I hated reading this manga, and this guy is a large reason as to why.

I didn’t like reading this story, it was fine at a first but it went off the rails later on, but regardless im surprised this guy hasn’t been proposed yet, unlike my previous write ups, this one will be short as I have no interest in talking about this guy for long, let’s get this over with.

What’s the work?

Wolf Guy-Wolfen Crest is a seinen manga created by Tabata Yoshiaki and Yugo Yuuki. It follows a teacher by the name of Akiko Aoshika, she is seen drunk at a bar until she runs into a gang beating up a teenager in the middle of the park, after the beating she gets grabbed with the gang intending on raping her, however the guy is shown to still be alive and manages to beat them all of them by himself while she remains unharmed, the next day Aoshika is still surprised to see him attending her class the next day, the guys name is Akira Inugami and he is actually a werewolf.

Who’s the candidate?

Haguro Dou is the main antagonist of the manga, he is the son of Yakuza dou and is destined to become the new leader of the underground mob world, he is shown to be a delinquent student who also runs with a gang of his own, when he’s shocked to learn about Akira’s secret he immediately takes an interest and takes it upon himself to kill him and take him down for the monster that he is.

What does he do?

Haguro is generally shown to be a massive brute, he often kills his victims by brutalizing them, breaking their limbs and cutting their heads off with his katana, his own men aren’t safe from this either as he will kill them for the slightest of reasons, at one point later on in the story he tricks a school student into causing a school shooting killing multiple classmates and setting it ablaze, even worse is that student make attempts to rape the girls in the school or else he will kill them.

But then the later chapters happen and I’lol try my hardest to describe it the best I can, when he finds out about akira being a werewolf, he targets the people who are close to him, the first victim being chiba, when he finds out that chiba simply spoke to akira he then has him captured, afterwards he repeatedly rapes and beats chiba to a pulp treating him like his slave, chiba infuriated turns into a creature of which the two proceed to fight, Haguro eventually kills him by chopping off his head and then proclaiming himself as the man who will kill akira.

god I hate this part, Haguro most horrific act however is when he kidnaps Akiko Aoshika and tapes himself and his gang raping her for hours on end threatening to post it online if akira doesn’t make it on midnight, during this time he has his men gang rape her constantly until she eventually tries to bite her tongue off, he finds out about Akiko trying to bite her tongue off of which he responds by crushing the head of one of his gang, he then tells them that he’s doing this to get akira’s attention, when he learns that akira is indeed searching for her, he immediately starts mocking her and tells her to bite her tongue off and make akira cry.

After this he has the gang rape her all over again, when akira makes it to the destination on the video it turns out that it’s simply a recording on a tv and not the actual location of Akiko, on the footage Akiko is shown making very sexual remarks while getting raped, akira is able to quickly decipher that Haguro had drugged Akiko with an aphrodisiac to make her more sexually excited causing her to enjoy getting gang raped, Akira makes a plead to him to let her go if he shows him his wolf form, but even after akira tries Haguro says that was never gonna keep his side of the deal even if akira could change and proceeds to mock him even further, Akiko is able to have a spiritual talk with Akira to not search for her but he promises her that he will save her.

Akira manages to find her of which a big brawl break out between him and Haguro, Haguro cuts off his fingers and eats them making him stronger than before, during the fight akira tries to fight him off the best he can but Haguro blade proves to be too strong for him, Akiko holds a gun to him ready to shoot only to miss due to how terrified she is, Haguro then stabs Akira in the b ack while he’s down believing that he’s killed him, However Akira quickly picks himself back up and turns into a werewolf, Haguro proceeds to hug him forgetting that the sword he impaled him with is still there of which he gets himself stabbed and dies from the katana he used to fight Akira with, He’s shown having his soul dragged down to hell by all of the people he’s harmed throughout the years, ending the scumbag for good.

Mitigating factors?

None, he doesn’t in anyway value his fellow gang members or any of his associates and he doesn’t have a single justification for his twisted crimes, he’s perfectly okay with killing them just for a good laugh, Haguro is nothing but a heartless sociopath who wants to cause as much torment as possible for the sake of it.

Heinous standard?

A violent serial rapist, manipulating a school student into starting a school shooting, and then kidnapping Akiko to gang rape her and tape it to the public just to get after Akira, he easily sets it no question, especially since he’s the one running everything, 10 chapters just include him just having his gang rape Akiko just for the sake of pissing off akira, all because he’s a sick twisted maniac.

Final Verdict?

Easy keeper, just no question, I hated reading this and am happy to be done