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The infamous vampire of Britannia

This guy had a page a while back, but from the looks of it got removed for plagiarism, but I think it’s time we get this guys page back and put him in the category, despite my reluctance for it. Im honestly kind of surprised no one has recreated this guys page yet, but regardless of the case this isn’t a simple proposal either. I’ll always find it iffy to propose this guy but I’ll do it regardless of my opinions.

This series is pretty well known for having very complex characters even among some of its most evil antagonists, even a lot of mass murdering soldiers are given plenty of characterization that keeps them from being purely heartless.

What’s the Work?

Code Geass is a mecha anime series that ran from October 6, 2006 to September 28, 2008, it was directed by Goro Taniguchi and written by Ichiro Okouchi.

In an alternative timeline, the world is divided into 3 superpowers, the Holy Britannian Empire (the Americas; also called Britannia), the Chinese Federation (Asia), and the Europa United(Europe and Africa). England was eventually defeated and The people of Japan have had their rights stripped from them by Britannia as result of the war.

Our protagonist is Lelouch vi Britannia a banished prince who was used as a pawn alongside his sister Nunnally by being sent to Japan, opening them up to be attacked no taken over, it’s shown that early on in their life Lelouch and Nunnally watched their mother get killed by an unknown assailant, Seven years later lelouch is attending a school where is quite popular but heavily withdrawn, but he is eventually involved in a terrorist attack where he runs into C.C. who saves him from the attack by the Britannian royal guard by giving him the power of geass, an ability that can control and command anyone just by using his eye. With this Lelouch hopes to free the people from Britannia’s oppression and bring the hopeful world his sister ways dreamed of.

In the end of season 1, Lelouch accidentally used his geass on Euphemia to commit genocide against the Japanese killing thousands of innocents and ruining the peace treaty she was planning, forcing him to use to her as an example of why the kingdom of Britannia needs to be vanquished. During season 2 suzaku erased Lelouch’s memory and made him go back to his school days, C.C. However eventually arrives and gets him his memories back, which he returns to being zero and declaring against Britannia once again, during this time Suzaku joins the knights of Britannia where he runs into a skilled but very infamous soldier, the vampire of Britannia Luciano Bradley.

Who is he?

Luciano Bradley makes his first non speaking appearance in the second episode of the second season where he’s seen watching the speech from zero, he is notably the only shown with a smile on his face already hinting at his general malicious behavior, Luciano is one of the knights brought in to fight against zero and protect Britannia, he is shown to be very gleeful to be brought into war as he wants to kill as many soldiers and civilians he can.

What does he do?

Right off the bat he immediately demonstrates his sadistic behavior when he lunges a knife at suzaku while mocking him for his love for euphemia, at the same time he makes speeches about how people value their lives and how he’s more than happy to take that away from them, after pissing off suzaku he gets challenged to a duel until a fellow soldier steps in and stops them, afterwards Luciano comes into the prison where kallen is being held threatening to rape her until Gino intervenes.

Luciano is eventually seen participating in fight where he is killing both soldiers and innocent civilians out of his hatred for the Japanese, when we see the fight he drills through a ship killing everyone inside, he’s eventually attacked by 6 soldiers who he kills off immediately with no effort, the one soldier who survives begs him for mercy only for Luciano put a drill through his face killing him instantly, taunting him with the same value of life speech from before. When Lelouch and his soldiers are deployed, Bradley suggest that his savage Valkyrie squadron to be sent to fight them.

Luciano eventually finds zero and attacks him, repeating his life speech as he’s about to try and kill him, he tries to drill through the shield until he gets distracted by lelouch’s soldier, Lelouch immediately goes into attack but Luciano takes advantage once his shields are down but thankfully kallen comes into the fight saving Lelouch from him. During the fight between Kallen and Luciano, Luciano shows his lack of loyalty by using his own soldiers as body shields killing a good amount of them during the battle, kallen easily dispatches of him and his mecha, killing him in the process.

Mitigating Factors

In terms of loyalty he has none, he was perfectly willing to let his own soldiers die so he could satisfy his bloodlust, using them as body shields to protect himself, that’s not even getting into the fact that he had a soldier who was surrendering and still chose to drill into him with a sadistic laugh along with it, he also doesn’t care that his own squadron was killed by kallen during the fight.

In the manga, he had a terrible childhood where he was abused by his father, pretty bad but Bradley eventually killed him out of anger and this is presumably where his murder seeking ways started, but that said I don’t think that’s really enough of an excuse, he still is extremely sadistic and cruel with his actions when it comes to killing, I don’t think having a terrible father whom he eventually killed is really enough of a factor to disqualify him, especially since we don’t see how it affected him.

Heinous Standard

My biggest contention when it comes to this character honestly, he’s a downright sadistic prick but there are many others who are awful too, but I’ll give a breakdown of each character:

No one in the Britannia family counts:

Charles zi Britannia and Marianne vi Britannia are trying to wipe out reality and change it in their name, even orchestrating Marianne faked death while sacrificing thousands for it, Charles on multiple occasions outright tries to kill Lelouch, but even with all that cruelty, they do care about their children and are well intentioned extremist as blinded as it may be.

V.V. the one who shot Marianne and was planning the reality warp with them, but when he dies its shown that he truly cared for his brother, there’s also the fact that both and Charles were devastated by the death of their mother which is what kickstarted their plans to begin with.

Clovis la Britannia is the starter villain for the series, he makes a plan to kill an ghetto of people by sending in his soldiers to kill each and every one of them, but it’s shown he genuinely loved his mother and enjoyed playing with his siblings, he even kept playing chess with Lelouch despite knowing he would always lose because he just enjoyed playing with him.

Cornelia li Britannia took part in massacres and multiple more crimes under the Britannian name, but she acts as a mother to her men as she truly cares for them, and is always devastated when any of them die, she was also saddened by the death of her sister.

Schneizel el Britannia was gonna use the FLEIJA bombs to kill millions of people so he could become the ruler after Charles and Marianne were taken out, he’s eventually brainwashed by Lelouch to kill Diethard(who also doesn’t qualify), in spite of this he truly loved his family and was even horrified when he saw euphemia murdering elevens, he was also disgusted by Charles theatrics.

Euphemia li Britannia isn’t on this wiki, but I feel she’s worth discussing since she does contribute, she ends up killing thousands of Japanese people during what was supposed to be a peace treaty because Lelouch accidentally brainwashed her into killing them instead, it wasn’t really her fault but it does contribute to the standard, poor euphemia.

So yeah I’m sure you can see why I’m contentious about proposing Luciano Bradley when we have characters like these, but as we’ve seen higher scale crimes don’t immediately disqualify lower threat villains and even then most of the Britannian family are well intentioned or have a factor that negates them from pe, so time for me to get into the vampire himself.

Luciano Bradley has a few things that separate him from the Britannian family, His lack of redeeming qualities, his extremely sadistic ways of killing people, his very minimal resources in comparison, and his lack of loyalty he treats everyone including his own soldiers as meat shields for him to play with. There’s also the rape factor where he was clearly going to have his way with kallen had Gino not intervened, almost every character even minor soldier characters have a sense of honor and loyalty, Luciano has none of that.

Final Verdict

A very tentative yes from me, while I’ve been skeptical of him in the past and still am due to the standard, when you get down to do it, luciano is just a violently sadistic blood knight who’s fueled by pure hatred and thirst for violence, he has no loyalties to any of his soldiers and is even willing to use them as body shields for his need to kill, he stands out just enough from the rest.