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Hello everyone! I hope y'all are doing well! Today I'm going to be proposing General William Kincaid from X-Men Legends to be Pure Evil. Without further ado, let's get started!


X-Men Legends is an action role playing video game based off of the X-Men comic series. General Kincaid is a villain that originated from this game. I haven't read many X-Men comics so I'm not entirely sure what comics the game is directly based off of, but the story revolves around Magma, aka Alison Crestmere, joining the X-Men after an incident in New York where the Brotherhood tried to kidnap her. The X-Men rescued her and offered to teach her how to use and control her powers.


While Magneto and the Brotherhood are the primary antagonists of the game, Kincaid is introduced as the overarching and ultimate antagonist. Kincaid used Operation Vigilance to mask his horrific crimes. Operation Vigilance was made to protect humanity from criminal mutants. Kincaid was able to use Vigilance to bring back mutant hunting machines known as Sentinels, forcing the Brotherhood of Mutants to steal technology to mask their mutant DNA that the Sentinels used to locate and exterminate mutants. Kincaid was the one who attempted the Weapon X Program to return, which brutally tortured and experimented on innocent mutants. Kincaid is the one who attempted to kill Magneto, which caused Magneto to seek out Astroid M and a device known as the Gravitron to get revenge against humanity. To clarify, while Magneto has been evil since the start, this is what pushed him over the edge. In an attempt to destroy the X-Men, Kincaid contacted an evil entity known as the Shadow King , who kidnapped Professor Charles Xavier and took him to the Astral Plane to mind control him. Kincaid even experimented on humans to fuse them with Sentinels in order to create more powerful and intelligent mutant killing machines. The X-Men manage to rescue Xavier and headed to Astroid M to stop the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood were there and the X-Men managed to defeat them and Magneto, but as they made it to the final area, Kincaid was there controlling the ultimate Sentinel known as Master Mold, keep in mind that Master Mold isn't self aware in this game and this doesn't turn on Kincaid. Kincaid then reveals his plans to use the Gravitron to crash Astroid M into New York City, and kill countless humans in order to start a war between humans and mutants. The X-Men defeat Kincaid and use the Gravitron to stop Astroid M and destroy it.


While Kincaid himself isn't present most of the game, his crimes are still on-screen and we also see the results of his actions demonstrated through the corrupt Vigilance program, the laboratory he used to experiment in humans, and the return of Weapon X, who torture and experiment on mutants.


He is shown to be a xenophobic, genocidal, sadistic corrupt official that is willing to experiment on and attempt to kill mutants as well as humans who he was supposed to be protecting.


While he does rely on Operation Vigilance and the Sentinels quite a bit, it's clear that he's the one pulling the strings as well as being the ultimate mastermind. He is also the final boss of the game, and attempts to kill the X-Men and kill countless people in New York City by his own hands.


Kincaid's wife was killed by an out of control mutant. However, in my opinion, that doesn't at all justify his horrific actions. If you think about it, with all of the atrocities he committed, do you really think that's what his wife would have wanted?


None. He wasn't hunting mutants to protect the people or for the greater good, he was doing it out of xenophobia. Project Vigilance were made to stop criminal mutants, but Kincaid took it in a completely different direction. And even if he was doing it for the greater good (which, again, he's not), he still took it way too far. He was willing to torture and experiment on mutants and humans, and was ultimately going to kill countless humans of the city. It's made vividly clear that he doesn't value human life.


Simply put yes. He did way worse than anyone else in the game and wasn't doing it for a fair, understandable, excusable, or righteous cause. And I'm not familiar with the the heinous standard or actions of the X-Men comics, but as far as I'm aware X-Men Legends takes place in a different universe and, thus, isn't comparable, feel free to correct me on that. This one is actually a bit tricky because I'm the sequel we did get Apocalypse, but I'd say Kincaid does enough to stand out in his own. And besides, I don't think you can compare X-Men Legends Apocalypse to Apocalypse to the comics. Overall, even considering the sequel, I'd say Kincaid stands out by torturing and experimenting on mutants, his own kind that he was meant to protect, and trying to destroy the city. And also keep in mind what I said earlier, Master Mold isn't self aware and doesn't fight for himself. He's just a machine of destruction so Kincaid stands out compared to him as well.


Yes. He controls Master Mold, which he fought the X-Men with, and would have accessed the Gravitron, which he would use to have Astroid M destroy the city.


Absolutely none. He believes in his own xenophobic philosophies and is willing to torture, experiment on, and kill his own people to complete his goals. Like he says before the final boss fight, it's a cause he's willing to die for.


Yes. The way he had no problems with (I realise I probably sound like a broken record at this point but it's important to get these points across) torturing and experimenting on mutants and the ones he was supposed to protect before he took matters into his own hands for his own sake, and how he wanted to commit genocide and destroy the city. I think that stands out even compared to X-Men Legends 2.


I promise I'll only say this one last time. He was willing to torture, experiment on, and commit genocide mutants and humans. He shows no sympathy, has no understandable or "for the greater good" goals, has no redeeming qualities, and stands out compared to other villains in the X-Men Legends duology. I'd say he qualifies but I'd like to hear everyone's opinions down below. As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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