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You have been so kind to me master. Caring. Thoughtful. But he pays me.
~ Igor as he betrays Dr. Frankenstein to die by Dracula's fangs.
Igor Helsing

"[Torture] is what I do."

Hello everyone so for today's proposal I will be tackling one of the most infamous hunchbacks in the media, Igor, specifically from the 2004 film, Van Helsing.

What is Van Helsing?[]

Van Helsing is a 2004 action/horror film starring Hugh Jackman as a younger and sexy version of the titular character. Set in the 1880s, van Helsing, alongside a fryer named Carl, must stop Dracula from using the Frankenstein Monster's electrical energy to revive his children so they may feed on all mortal life. He must rely on help from Anna Velerious to take down the infamous Count, while her brother, Velkan, is giving in to his inner beast upon becoming a werewolf.

Who is Igor? What has he done?[]

Igor is the hunchback assistant to Dr. Victor Frankenstein. With the assistance of Count Dracula, they go to Transylvania in the Count's castle where the good doctor brings his monster to life. Upon realizing Dracula does not need Victor anymore, he decides to kill him so he may use his monster to revive his children. When Dr. Frankenstein asks Igor for help, Igor betrays his "kind" and "caring" master solely based on the fact that Dracula pays him. Ygor than watches with sadistic delight as Dracula kills his former master. The monster, however, subdues Dracula long enough to escape out the castle from an angry mob, and is trapped in a windmill.

One year later, Igor is still serving Dracula in his quest to revive his hungry children, repairing all of dr. Frankenstein's machinery and even torturing Dracula's werewolves just for the fun of it, one of whom would end up being Velkan Valerious, who was cursed by the Count's former furry minion. When Igor finishes the machine, Dracula uses it to painfully drain Velkan of his werewolf venom which would bring his children to life. The plan is a partial success and the children attack a village in Transylvania. However, the power does not last and the children explode.

Later, Dracula's undead army and Igor capture the Frankenstein Monster and plan to use him for the second try. Igor however, is subdued by Van Helsing, who Velkan had bitten. Once Helsing is told that Dracula has a cure, he makes Igor take Carl and Anna to find it, while he takes on the vampire lord. Igor assists them and takes them into the room, but quickly pushes Carl into it and locks them in, leaving them for Aleera to attack them. However, they manage to escape and Carl makes it to the bridge to save the Frankenstein Monster. Igor shows up and proceeds to attack Carl with his shock lance. However, the monster manages to swing down and accidentally knocks Igor off the bridge and to his death.

Miltigating Factors[]

Oh none. He willingly consents to Dracula's plan to unleash his children onto human life and even aids him with the machinery needed to do so. Might I add he also betrays Dracula to van Helsing by taking him to the cure Dracula would need to stop Van Helsing from killing him? Cause the only thing that can kill Dracula is a werewolf. In his words used to describe his sadistic tendencies, "it's what I do". All in all Igor is a sadistic little f*ck. He tortures Velkan for fun and laughs as he leaves Carl and Anna to die by Aleera's fangs, and proceeds to torture Carl with his shock stick. Sometimes he has his comical moments, but they are either extremely minor and rare or are used to show how sadistic he is. He is overall taken seriously in universe.

Heinous Standard[]

Obviously the heinous standards for Van Helsing are pretty high, especially if we count other material related to the film. So let's deep dive into the main villains that set the standard:

  • Count Dracula: It's only right to start with the main villain of the film. Now, Dracula is the one who orchestrates the whole scheme that drives the film. He uses the machine invented by Dr. Frankenstein so he may bring his children to life and allow them to feed on all mortals. While he may be the one behind the scheme, and Igor is kind of just his lackey, Igor still willingly chose to follow through and aid Dracula in his plans. Dracula cannot qualify because he cares for his children and his brides. Igor is not doing what he is doing for any kind of noble goal, he literally just aids Dracula in the genocide of his own species simply for profit. He was not forced or coerced into doing it, he followed Dracula because the Count pays him well.
  • Mr. Hyde: Drains the souls of at least 6 women after brutally killing them so he may create a formula that would keep Queen Victoria young and amnesiac, so as to fulfill his own perverted desires. Igor stands for the fact that by aiding Dracula, he helps set the heinous standard, not to mention that because he has higher resources, his murderous plans are on a much greater scale than that of Mr. Hyde.
  • Dr. Moreau: A mad scientist who fuses animal parts to human parts, with the humans' consciousness still being inside and ultimately subjecting his creations to a fate worst than death in the process. Igor stands out for the reasons I mentioned above basically. He set the standards and his plans were on a much greater scale because of his higher resources.


A deranged hunchback who plans to commit genocide on his own kind for profit. Yeah he qualifies, I say.