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  • Ngh93

    I just don't get it! WHat REALLY makes a villain a Complete Monster?! I've added that cagegory to many villains (Such as Captain Gutt., Mrs. Tweedy, Shen, Syndrome, Dr. Herman Varnick,  etc.), only to get that category removed. And those are REALLY dark villains i jsut mentioned. They've crossed the Moral Event Horizon more than once. ANd they have no redeeming qualities. Just because a villain isn't listed on TV tropes as a CM, does NOT mean he's not a CM. 

    For example: Captain Gutt

    I honestly think Gutt is a CM. For the following reasons:

    • He treats his crew like pawns rather then genuinely caring for them. 
    • He threatens his crew his death if they fail him. 
    • He turns those little gother things into slaves so they can rebuild his new ship.
    • Tries…
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