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Guys please pay attention to my proposal about Creation King from Kamen Rider BLACK.

What is the work?

Kamen Rider BLACK was one of the most popular television series in Indonesia in the 90s. Just like Super-1, this program was first broadcast by RCTI station. But actually, this series itself had been produced several years earlier through Ishinomori Productions and Toei Company, from October 4, 1987 to October 9, 1988 with a total of 51 episodes.

This story begins with the history of the end of the Century King era, the ruler of the universe once every 50,000 years. Before that happens, a replacement for the Century King must be found. And this task is carried out by a group of evil organizations called Gorgom.

Then the question is, what way will Gorgom continue to rule from the Century King? Well, back to 19 years ago when the solar eclipse occurred. Two children were born at the same time, namely Kotaro Minami (Black Sun) and Nobuhiko Akizuki (Shadow Moon). They are the heirs of the Century King, and this is what will change the destiny of both of them. Because three years later, Kotaro's parents were killed by Gorgom. Finally, Nobuhiko's parents adopted him.

Who is he and what he did?

He has a shape resembling a very large liver organ. Actually he had a whole body, but it was destroyed thousands of years ago and only the heart was left. The possibility of his perfect body was very large, considering what is currently visible is that his heart is already very large. Having lived for 50 thousand years, Creation King should have retired and been replaced by the Century King who would become the leader of the new Gorgom. Either Kotaro or Nobuhiko will be the new Creation King, but Kotaro can fight back against Gorgom.

The Creation King had immense power. He could even easily destroy a universe or universe with his full power. It is still unknown whether 50 thousand years ago he possessed Kingstone that Black Sun or Shadow Moon had. He communicates with priests and future century kings in a telepathic manner. In episode 47, when Kotaro/Black and Nobuhiko/Shadow Moon were fighting, he turned Shadow moon back into Nobuhiko to deceive Kotaro that Nobuhiko had regained his true memory only for Creation King to turn Nobuhiko back into Shadow Moon and finally managed to weakened and injured Kohtaro and finally murdered him by stabbed his King Stone.

in episode 47, Creation King ordered Shadow Moon and High Priest Darom to search Kamen Rider BLACK's body to retrieve BLACK's King Stone. After High Priest Barom failed to search BLACK's corpse and was killed by BLACK, Creation King brought BLACK and Shadow moon into the secret room of Gorgom's headquarters. In the secret room, the Creation King explains that he wants to rule the Earth under the rule of Gorgom and exterminate all mankind on Earth so that the Earth could be completely dominated by Mutants.

In the last episode, after a fierce battle between Kamen RIder BLACK and Shadow Moon, and Shadow Moon's death at the hands of BLACK. He calls BLACK to battle with him, he tells BLACK that he is going into the hole in the Earth's core so that the Earth will be destroyed with him. BLACK tried his best to stop him until BLACK finally used the Satan Saber to kill her and the end of his life and Gorogom completely disappeared.

Heinous standard

The Creation King is the most heinous of villains in BLACK because he wants to destroy the Earth and if one of the future century kings wins a 1-vs-1 battle between Black Sun and Shadow Moon he will possess one of them from that battle. In episode 50, he explains to Shadow Moon and Kamen Rider BLACK that he only wants to rule Earth and eliminate all humanity from Earth. He indirectly kidnaps Kotaro and Nobuhiko and turns them into Cyborgs so that they fight each other to the death. If accumulated, the heinousness he had has surpassed all the villains in BLACK since he only made and considered Kotaro and Nubuhiko as "killing weapons" destined to kill each other and erase their close relationship and responsible for set the series' heinous standard.

Mitigating factors?

Well, since he was responsible for all the tragedies in BLACK his heinousness was beyond the heinous standard in BLACK and his dying condition did not considered sympathetic as he just want to end his life with the stake of Earth and all life on it. In other words, he want to kill himself alongside all life on Earth so he could felt a despair on every mankind.

Final Verdict

Easy yes for his attempted omnicide and indirectly turning Kotaro and Nobuhiko into a ruthless "killing machine" and the next creation king.