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So this is the Proposal for Shinigami/Zebub from Ultraman Gaia, and i hope my proposal is accept no matter what as long as i write this proposal with my own efforts.

What is the work?

Ultraman Gaia is the third Ultraman TV series produced since the beginning of Heisei. In addition, it is also the last work of the TV series produced in the 20th century, and the setting has been renewed from the previous two works that were connected to the world view, and the era setting is set to the end of the 20th century, which is almost the same as the broadcasting age, and detailed scientific examination In addition to emphasizing reality such as human relations.

The main line of the whole work revolves around the moral questioning of "how humans and the earth should get along", and once again incorporates reflections and irony on social issues, and even interrogation of human nature is integrated into the plot, and thus derives three There are two different main branches, as the overall direction of the story:

  • Gaia and Agul; Gamu and Fujimiya have conflicting thoughts after each possessing power.
  • Is the earth monster awakened by the cause a conflict with human egotism?
  • The conflict between the Earth and the Radical Destruction Bringer's agent.

Who is he and what he did?

Shinigami was Radical Destrction Bringer minion that went to Earth with his spaceship Mokian to annihilate all mankind on Earth. Before he went to Earth, he was revealed to be the one who created Apatee and Algyuros to test both Gaia and Agul abilities. In the first half of episode 47, he captured both Fujimiya and Reiko into Mokian's Monopole inside its body. In the Monopole, he told Fujimiya and Reiko that makind should extinct no matter what because of their egotism and threat to the universe; he also made a hologram of dying young woman as a illusion to show that mandkind was a virus to the universe and deserved to wipe out from the universe.

He controlled Mokian to destroy the XIG base and after XIG and Ultraman Gaia having a battle with Mokian, he fled from the Monopole alongside Fujimiya and Reiko. Mokian was destroyed alongside XIG base as Ultraman Gaia saved commander Ishimuro from inside the base and brought him to back to Earth after the base was destroyed due to Repulsor lift overload. The next day Shinigami was arrived on Earth by destroying the city and he challange Agul to fought him and he transformed into Zebub, Fujimiya transformed into Agul and managed to overpowered him in the first half of the battle, however Zebub unleashed his blade to mutilated Agul's right leg and severly injured him. Fortunately, Gamu transformed into Gaia and healed Fujimiya's wound and he ready to battle Zebub with his own effort.

During the battle Gaia was able to fought him without any problem as Gaia was able to destroy his blade with only a kick attack, but in the middle of the battle Zebub was overpowering Gaia and electroluted him with his Electroluction power. XIG teams manage to help Gaia by destroying his horns and with the combine attacks by Gaia and two XIG teams, however Zebub was revealed to be protected by his electromagnetic wave. Yoneda of XIG manage to analyze Zebub's weak point and the weak point was his left eye, Yoneda manage to shot Zebub's left eye but he was severly injured after Zebub hit his plane. After Zebub was severly paralyzed, Gaia turned into Supreme Version and killed him with Photon Stream.

Heinous standard

Shinigami was a hypocite just like his master and he intended to annihilate mankind with his Mokian so that mankind would be doomed like a kamikaze and suffered the same fate as dinosaur. He told Fujimiya that human was a virus to the universe and he intented to annihilated it no matter what. He was a sadistic hypocite who wish mankind to be suffering and trap in a long term despair. During his battle with Agul as Zebub, he use his blade to mutilated Agul's right leg and he sadistically tried to torture him untill his right leg get mutilated and kicked him to the ground. Despite being only lasted for 2 episodes, he manage to stand out as he sadisctic enought to attempted mutilation on Agul and attempted to annihilate mankind from Earth.

Mitigating factors

None, he is just a violent and hypocrite minion as he hypoctically told Fujimiya that humanity should purged from universe because of their egotism, however that is just his hypocitical thinking that humanituy should not exist in the universe.

Final Verdict