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Pure Evil Proposal - Robin King

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t had the time to do much editing lately, but I'm in the process of reading Dark Nights: Death Metal, and I was so disturbed by this villain (Robin King), that I just had to make a page for him.

  • 1 What’s The Work
  • 2 Who is he/What did he do?
  • 3 Mitigating Factors
  • 4 Heinousness Standard
  • 5 Final Verdict

Dark Nights: Death Metal is an ongoing DC Comics mega-event series, which solves as a sequel to Dark Knights: Metal, Justice League: No Justice, the subsequent Justice League comic run, and Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen. The series takes place on the main DC Earth after it was warped into a hellish nightmare by The Batman Who Laughs, following his empowerment by Perpetua. The series follows the Justice League (primarily Wonder Wo…

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Ohdear15 Ohdear15 4 September 2020

Pure Evil Proposal - Kirei Kotomine

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t had the time to do much editing lately, but here’s one that’s been on my mind after I re-watched Fate/Zero this week: one of the main antagonists of Fate/Zero and a major antagonist of all routes of Fate/Stay Night – Kirei Kotomine

  • 1 What’s The Work
  • 2 Who is he/What did he do?
  • 3 Mitigating Factors
  • 4 Heinousness Standard
  • 5  Final Verdict

The Fate franchise is a long-running visual novel/light novel/manga/anime/mobile game/video game series with an assortment of stories generally focused around Holy Grail Wars, battles between mages and their “servants” (summoned heroes from the myths and legends of the world’s history) in order to obtain the omnipotent wish granting device known as the Holy Grail. Kirei mainly features in Fate…

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Ohdear15 Ohdear15 13 June 2020

PE Removal: Volthoom

So, here's a major DC Comics villain whose inclusion as Pure Evil makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, especially since the character not only has severe moral agency issues, but was also warped into villainy as a result of extreme grief and heartbreak. In fact, I think he is an extremely tragic character. Much of my reasoning comes from Green Lanterns #18, so feel free to check the comic out if you disagree

Volthoom is one of the archenemies of the Green Lantern Corps in DC Comics, and is one of the primary reasons that the corps exists in the first place. He was born 1,000 years into the future in a parallel universe to the main DC Continuity, and became a scientist who, along with his mother developed the Travel Lantern as a means…

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Ohdear15 Ohdear15 12 April 2020

PE Proposal: Enel

Sorry for having not had the time to do much wiki editing lately, but here's a character that I firmly believe deserves a place on the wiki: Enel (or Eneru/God Eneru in every official translation), the self-proclaimed God of Skypiea and the main villain in the Sky Island saga of One Piece

  • 1 What's The Work
  • 2 Who is the Candidate?
  • 3 What they did
  • 4 Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors
  • 5 Heinous Standard
  • 6 Final Verdict

One Piece is a fun, very long-running anime following Monkey D. Luffy, a young man made of rubber, and his friends who form the Straw Hat Pirates, and the show is about their quest to find the One Piece (the treasure of Gol D. Roger, the former pirate king), so that Luffy can become King of the Pirates.

Enel is a man from the sky island of Bir…

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Ohdear15 Ohdear15 21 October 2019

PE Proposal: Da Vinci (Ghost Stories)

Sorry I haven't been active on the wiki for a while, but I'm aiming to create articles for the antagonists from the horror-comedy anime Ghost Stories after I've finished it. One villain in the series so far has really stood out to me as far, far darker than any of the others is Da Vinci, a ghost who murders innocent girls by transforming them into paintings. (The info I'm going to give here is from the English dub, which made changes to the story and characterisations).

  • 1 Who is he/What's he done?
  • 2 Mitigating Factors
  • 3 Heinous Standards
  • 4 Final Verdict

Da Vinci (real name unknown) was, in life, an art teacher at the old schoolhouse in the school where the anime is set. He developed a massive obsession with Leonardo Da Vinci, but despite his best a…

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