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If Ghetsis Was Roman.

For my second PE Proposal, I will be discussing a certain character that I had in mind, and considering that there were no Assassin’s creed Proposals for a while, I decided to give this guy a go.

What’s the Work?

Assassin's Creed Origins Is an Stealth/Adventure game focusing on the life of Bayek, an assassin and Medjay of Siwa, Egypt, and his quest to avenge his son.

Who is He / What did he do?

Flavius Metellus, also known by his code in The Order of The Ancient as ‘the lion’ is an Roman General, and an Ally Of Julius Caesar. He is an extremely ambitious, greey, selfish man who are willing to do anything for his goal, which is to gain power to become the powerful men in Rome, and be worshipped as a god, during his quest prior to the Game, there were reports where he had murdered his own family, His wife and his son in order to be married to a wealthy family.

During the Events of AC Origins, He travelled to Siwa, the home of Bayek, in order to open the artifact involving the power of ancient humans known as the Isu. After Manipulating an village boy, Chenzira into bringing Bayek, he had Defeated Bayek and Took his son, Khemu Hostage, Flavius orders him to open the vault since the temple priests refused to open it for them. Once Khemu helped Bayek escape his restraints, Flavius and Bayek have a fight, and Flavius manipulates Bayek’s strength to cause him to stab his own son, A grief-stricken Bayek attempted to attack Flavius, but the latter used the Apple to knock him out, before fleeing the scene, Because he was wearing a mask during the Attack, Bayek did not knew who he was even when they meet together once again with Julius Caesar.

Sometime After causing Bayek to kill his own son, He accompanied Caesar to Egypt and formed an alliance with King Ptolemy XIII and Cleopetra. While they tried to manipulate her and Caesar to become a member of the Order, Bayek, his wife Aya, and Cleopetra’s Follower Apollodorus came to her rescue so-called rescue. Instead of chasing them down, Flavius takes Caesar to a certain graveyard of a pharaoh and tells him about his ‘friends’, The Order of the Ancients. However, He discovers that he had been tailed by Apollodorus, and the two wound him and return to Siwa. Apollodorus dies within the hands of Bayek shortly after, his last words telling Him that Khemu was Murdered by Flavius and is heading to Siwa.

Taking the Apple Of Eden, and with the artifact granting him power, Flavius literally goes INSANE with it. In Siwa, he headed to the vault with the Roman soldiers, to open the vault, he had encountered Bayek’s Friend and a battle resulted in him being killed. He is later reported to head to Cyrene, and destroys multiple villages, massacred many villagers, and even Brainwashed villagers to worship him as a god, kill each other and spread propaganda of an new world order all across the land of Cyrenaica in the process, and as Bayek chases down Flavius, he hears a lot of insane plots that Flavius is plotting for power, which included that his plan to start a war across Egypt.

Meeting Bayek for the one last time in Akropolis, Flavius Mocks Him for being against him and turning himself to be a slave, after a final showdown with Bayek, Flavius is killed…

However, once he and Bayek are meet together in Duat, He says that he does not show any remorse for his crimes, and tells him how he LITERALLY Does not regret the murder of Khemu and his ambition of the entire Order, Rome to bow down to him as a supreme god by assassinating his Superior Caesar, and how thousands of kids getting killed does not matter to him for power and control. Furious, Bayek tries to kill him, and Flavius calls him a coward, but Bayek decides that he can’t do it. Bayek’s son, Khemu, appears next to him and takes Flavius with him, leading to the warlord’s ultimate defeat.

Freudian Excuses?

Not a single one, Honor? No, Loyalty to his superiors? No.

Heinous Standards

This Franchise’s Heinous standards are extremely High, but He stands out considering that he had committed seriously nasty things.In the past, he killed his family for wealth, and in Egypt, he is responsible for: Taking 2 children Hostage and Killing one of them, manipulating Caesar to Join the Order of the Ancients so He can be supreme god of Rome and Egypt, Using Isiu artifacts to drive a lot of people insane and cause each other to kill each other, mass murdering the villagers and burning a lot of villages across Cyrenaica, driving the people of Cyrenaica into insanity to worship him as god and kill each other, and he even attempted to start a war in egypt for power and control, Considering this, it is possible to say that Flavius is the most destructive villain in the whole series.

Final Verdict