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Hello everyone, Ordeaux26 here, so today I am going to be starting a discussion about an issue that has been plaguing the wiki for years.

Disqualifying Categories

Okay, so a massive issue that has been going on, on the wiki for years is people adding disqualifying categories to villains that are not Pure Evil just to make an excuse as to why they don’t count as PE. I will give a few examples but trust me this is not even scratching the surface

  1. When Alex from A Clockwork Orange had his removal proposal people started instantly adding categories like Redeemed and Anti-Villain this eventually caused the page to be locked
  2. When King Runeard got his removal proposal he was added to Insecure the day after he was rejected and Affably Evil
  3. When Haman was rejected someone added him to Remorseful one hour later
  4. When Monty de la Cruz was removed for the first time in 2018 he was immediately added to protective
  5. J.S. Steinman was added to Scapegoat and Grey Zone
  6. Someone added Roose Bolton to Honorable, Grey Zone and In Love
  7. and what promoted this discussion someone added Gai Amatsu to Redeemed before there was any confirmation in the show.

This problem has been getting worse and worse since the Rejected PE template was introduced but as you see from the examples it’s not limited to villains with it.


Nowi will point out this blog post is not me saying that a new rule will be added or I have a solution this is meant to prompt discussion between the other users and admins as well as bring attention to this issue.

But I do have a suggestion. From now on anytime a user wants to add a disqualifying factor category to a page they need to explain while they added especially if the page doesn’t have any before and especially, especially if the page has the Rejected Pure Evil Template. If a user fails to explain they will be warned and if they keep persisting then they will be blocked.