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So my last discussion was of a Mortal Kombat film and now my next one is also of one, how fitting.

Possible Candidates

Most Villains

So a majority of the villains are just working for Shao Kahn, Shinnok or the Lin Kuei Grandmaster don’t do enough to stand out but there are four that do warrant special attention.

Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn as you would expect is a super easy yes. He seeks to conquer and merge with Earthrealm which will lead to the end of it and many deaths. Throughout the film, he kills multiple people and leads his soldiers to their deaths and hosts the tournament where multiple more people are killed. He also doesn’t care about Kitana as per usual and completely lacks any redeeming qualities, more details on him will be in my proposal for him.


Shinnok I would argue is an even easier keeper than Shao Kahn. In his first scene, he threatens to flay Scorpion alive and then resurrects him to do it over again. His ultimate goal is to reunite the kamidogus to awaken the One Being and destroy all the realms as revenge against the Elder Gods for his imprisonment and he nearly succeeds.

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung got the short end of the stick again. Once again just like Scorpion’s Revenge he doesn’t get enough screen time to commit heinous actions with all new he really has is murdering Styker in a pretty brutal way but that fails to stand out in the franchise.

Lin Kuei Grandmaster

Now the Lin Kuei grandmaster does warrant a discussion. He is given much more screen time and prominence than nearly every other Mortal Kombat media where he is mostly an offscreen character. He does have a pretty unique niche for himself with the thing about transforming Cyrax, Sektor and Smoke into cyborgs and planning to do the same for Kuai Liang and the rest of the Lin Kuei, a process that we also see though Smoke is really painful, Sektor is also given much less prominence in the process and doesn’t end up killing him. He also lost his redeeming quality of caring about Sektor (in this it’s not even mentioned that he is his son) as well as his good intentions.

He also is hired by Shinnok to get the last kamidogu which Shinnok wants to use to destroy the realms. However, this is where the chances of him qualifying disappear as once he discovers what Shinnok is planning he is horrified and tries to stop him though without any luck. This isn’t really an act of redemption but it is still an Even Evil Has Standards moment which prevents him from qualifying as well as him showing some regret for getting involved.