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Time for another Formality Post of an Auto-Approved villain this time we will be covering (and I am honestly not kidding) the most evil version of the Joker ever created. The The Injustice Version of The Joker.

NOTE: This proposal is only going to be covering the Injustice Universe Joker, not the Main Universe Joker also in the first Injustice game as that version fails the heinous standard.

What's The Work

The Injustice games and comics are a series by Netherrealm Studios about an Alternate DC Universe where a tragic event caused Superman to turn evil and begin his 6-year long dictatorial rule. The one responsible for that tragedy is The Joker.

Who Is He And What Has He Done/Moral Event Horizon

This version of The Joker was as usual originally Batman’s archenemy and eventually got bored of trying to break him so he enacted a plan to try and break Superman. He got a nuke from somewhere and planted it in Metropolis. He then kidnapped Lois Lane, murdered Jimmy Oslen for interfering and the Scarecrow to get his fear gas. He made a kryptonite version of the Fear Gas and along with Harley planted a trigger in Lois’s heart that would activate the Nuke when it stopped.

When Superman tried to rescue Lois, Joker used the kryptonite based fear gas on Superman to make him think he was fighting Doomsday so Superman immediately flew “Doomsday” up into space since he could survive it. However, Lois (who I should also mention was pregnant) could not survive killing her and her unborn child, which caused the Nuke to go off killing everyone in Metropolis which news broadcasts in the opening say was in the millions.

Batman captures the Joker and interrogates him on where he got the Nuke. Superman shows up, however, and The Joker starts taunting him in very sadistic and cruel ways. This pushes Superman to far and he ends up killing the Joker. Despite this, The Joker got what he wanted and in the process created the main villain of the Injustice universe.

As for his Moral Event Horizon crossing do I even need to say it.

Screen Time

We get to see all of his actions on screen in the comics, so this is not an issue either.

Character's Traits/Moral Agency

The Joker has a pretty clear personality which is the same as pretty much all his versions, he is a person who does everything for a reason. That reason is both for his own amusement and to prove that anyone can break after one bad day which he does kind of succeed in. Moral Agency is also not an issue, despite him being Psychotic he is able to make elaborate plans carefully crafted knowing exactly what will happen and just not caring about how horrible he truly is.


The Joker is one person.

Freudian Excuse

“Don’t Make me laugh.”

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

Now Played For Laughs was never a problem even for the other version of the Joker despite his rather goofy gimmick. It’s even less of a problem here, though this version of the Joker lacks his other counterparts comedic traits he is just a pure Hate Sink (being the only version of him to be one) any humour he does have is dark and completely sadistic rather than any sort of Laughably Evil he is just a completely vile Hate Sink.

One more thing I should bring up is in one issue of the Injustice comics it is brought up that he apparently doesn’t like Nazis (a homage to a comic where the Joker teamed up with Red Skull) though this is very hollow for a few reasons. One the Joker is way worse than any Nazi even Adolf Hitler with a truly sadistic body count in the millions that he did for no other reasons than to break Superman and that is not even considering all the effects his actions had. It is also Pragmatic he only hates Nazis for personal reasons rather than the fact that there evil and I mean the Comic Joker has this trait and is still Pure Evil so it would be the case here as well.

Heinous Standards

General Standard

As I said about this is the most evil version of the Joker ever created. He committed the worst crime in the entire series, both in terms of cruelty and scope (except for Brainiac sort of) tricking Superman into killing his wife and unborn child and cruelly making it so that action would detonate a nuke in metropolis killing everyone in it a body count which is said to be in the millions. It’s not just the crime itself, but also the effect it has on other people. He in the process turned Superman evil and begin his six-year rule basically making him responsible for all the events of the injustice series. He did all of this for no other purpose than just to break Superman which he did, but at the cost of his life so even in death, the Joker managed to win.

In-Story Standard

Joker’s only real competition is Brainiac who destroyed Krypton along with many other planets and attempted to destroy the earth. Joker, however, stands out from him for many reasons, first is the sheer level of personal cruelty of his crimes he didn’t just kill 6 million people he did it for the sole purpose to destroy superman mentally and hurt him in his most vulnerable places. He is also the one who instigated the entire events of the series and while by the end Superman did actually attempt to do worse than The Joker, The Joker is the one responsible for turning superman into the monster he would become. He also has lower resources.

System Standard

The Joker has the honor of being the single most disliked character in the entire Injustice Series absolutely nobody likes him even horrible villains, which includes Brainiac (who is as awful as him) so yeah he passes this easily.

Individual Capability

The Joker has less resources than some of the other villains like Superman and Brainiac yet he manages to pull off what is quite possibly the worst single act in the entire franchise in terms of sheer cruelty so yeah a super easy one.

No Sympathy

Don’t even think about it.

Story Type

The Injustice series is extremely dark and all of The Joker’s actions are played with gravity, so yeah he passes this with flying colors.


Easy yes, man this franchise is freaking dark.

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