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Hello everyone. Today is the last day of 2020 and as a final offer and a parting gift, I give you a villain, given a thirsty for approval.


Elysium is an American science fiction film that combines social dystopia with action and cyberpunk elements and, according to the director, is an allegorical critique of modern capitalism.

The film tells the story of Max De Coste, who, by chance, becomes the hope of the poor to get to Elysium, a place where the rich have fun and where free medicine and the opportunity to prolong his life. a mercenary who turns out to be our candidate, played by Sharlto Copley.

Who is Agent Kruger/What has he done?

Kruger was born in 1970 and has been a CCB contractor since 2042. Krueger at some point becomes paranoid, schizophrenic, antisocial, addicted, theatrical, and anger management issues, somehow he succeeds and the Bureau of Civil Cooperation appoints Kruger as a mercenary, working as Secretary Jessica Delacorte's personal sleeping agent . Agree he is very lucky! It is also worth adding that he violated human rights many times, including rape and torture.

After a certain time, Delacour awakens him and orders him to shoot down three stolen shuttles, each of which contains sick and elderly civilians from Earth looking for a new opportunity on Elysium.President Patel, aware of Kruger's illnesses and crimes, dismisses him shortly after the council of Elysium learned how Delacour destroyed two shuttles.

Delacour, however, recruits Kruger again when John Carlisle, the CEO stationed on Earth, is attacked by Max Da Costa and the Spider team. In his minions, Kruger quickly cracks down on Spider's team, killing Max's best friend Julio and stabbing Max in the stomach when he ran away. During the hunt for Max, one of Kruger's drones discovered that Max was leaving Frey Santiago's house. On arrival, he harshly interrogates Freya in front of her daughter Matilda and asks Matilda to close her eyes, saying that she does not like to abuse children. ? Yeah, sash.He continues to abuse Freya, when she expresses his contempt for him, he says that he will make sure that her daughter never recovers.He then decides to kidnap them in order to namin Max. The plan succeeds and Max makes a deal with Kruger, Kruger takes Max to Elysium in exchange for a reboot program, otherwise Max threatens to kill himself with a grenade. Kruger agrees.

During the shuttle ride, Kruger sexually harasses Frey, angered Max and forced him to activate a grenade just as the shuttle began to land on Elysium. The grenade explodes, causing the shuttle to shatter and Kruger's face severely disfigured by the explosion (although he survives).

Some time later, towards the end of the film, his henchmen use a medical capsule to restore Kruger's face. When he wakes up, Delacour is angry with him, says that because of him (which is true) the situation got out of control. Kruger's answer? Realizing the potential power of the code currently in Max's head, he impales Delacour with a shard of mirror and leaves her for dead.After pumping himself, he upgrades with the next generation military grade exosuit and rampages insanely at the base of operations of Elysium, while his teammates kill most of Elysium's political leaders and plan to appoint Kruger as the new president of Elysium. In fact, Kruger himself wants to take over Elysium in order to give him the ruler he deserves (that is, he eats himself).

During this undeniably fun time, Max rescues Frey and Matilda and joins Spider and the bodyguard, where they confront Kruger, who impales Spider's hand and attempts to kill Max by destroying his exosuit. Kruger's connection with his exosuit and disables his exosuit. Realizing that he is about to lose, Kruger pulls out a grenade, planning to kill himself and Max. However, Max uses his now superior strength to knock the Kruger off the bridge leading to the main control center, where the grenade BOOM and detonates the cunning mercenary, killing him permanently and ending his atrocities forever.

Freudian Excuse / Mitigating Factors

Taking into account the fact that he pretends to be polite, asking Matilda to close his eyes, as well as enjoying his atrocities, perfectly shows that he realizes what is good and evil, and everything continues to do atrocities. Although he asks Matilda to close his eyes (which seems to be he does not want the children to suffer) this is a lie, since later he is ready to let her die without regret, not to mention the fact that he has already destroyed the refugee ships, which also contained the children.

Oh yes, the fact that he eats some moments where he gets along well with his henchmen, then A: they just all have a common sadism, like Dr.Nevarius Tropy in his female version and B: his minions are afraid of his anger, even holding him on top of their heads, when he comes himself. I wonder why?


And honey agaric Kruger takes your standards and THROWS OUT INTO SPACE HAHAH. Or rather, yes. Delacour, although she is cruel and ruthless, all her actions are motivated by good intentions, as she wanted to protect the inhabitants of Elysium. Yes, her death causes a little sympathy. As for Carlisle, then he is not gritty enough in comparison with our hero, he is just an evil and greedy businessman, nothing new, we go further.

As for the dummies, they obey their boss's orders and don't make him disgusting enough, plus the fact that they wanted to make Kruger president hints that they respect him.

Kruger? Oh, Kruger hehe hehe. Well, he rips ships full of children, women and people and he is happy about it. He killed his ally Max and brutally treats Freya, beating her in front of his daughter, and also kills Delacour with a terrible death, wishing to take Elysium for yourself. Should I say what kind of heavenly place has this become thanks to Kruger?


Only the seitzas realized that Kruger is one of my 24 favorite villains. I had a VERY terrible day today, but Kruger and his film made me really happy and cheered me up. I'm so glad I proposed to Kruger. Happy New Year to you all. I wish you all the best. you, health, positive and all the best. And about Kruger, you yourself know what to do. And thank you very much to Kruger, for being there.

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