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Well, after Bradford's epic 29-voted proposal! I decided to take myself a little break, I came back with a very disgusting villain from a rather ... weird job.

What's the work?

Sword Art Online a series of light novels by the Japanese writer Reki Kawahara with illustrations by the artist acting under the pseudonym abec. Manga, anime adaptations, Drama CD adaptations, as well as computer games are published on the basis of the novels.The action takes place in the near future, namely in 2022 (i.e. in the next year (:), when technologies reached such a level that made Full Immersion possible - blocking information coming to the brain from all five senses, intercepting signals coming from the brain to the body and replacing these signals with "fake" - generated by the computer. Full Immersion was primarily used in the computer games industry, because it allowed completely switching the player's mind to the virtual game world.

The first game using this technology is Sword Art Online, a fantasy MMORPG created by Akihiko Kayaba, the inventor of the very device she was played on.There is only one thing, but ", all who enter the game will not be able to leave it until they destroy the final boss on the 100th floor and only after that, they can exit. If the character's health drops to zero, then the human brain in real life, fried, killing a person in real life.

I think I've already said a lot. Our candidate appeared in the Alicization arc. Our candidate is the director of Glowgen Defense Systems. He was also the son of the founder of this company. His name is Gabriel Miller.

Who is Gabriel Miller/ What has he done?

Gabriel was born in 1998 in the state of California, in the Pacific Palisades area of ​​the Los Angeles suburb. His father was fond of collecting insect samples. At a young age, Gabriel observed colorful insects through a magnifying glass. As he watched, Gabriel thought to think about what drives these creatures. His father then showed him a mating video of praying mantises, where the female devoured her partner's head while mating. However, the insect continued to move despite the fact that it no longer had a head. Since then, he began to think about where the insect's soul is.

Wanting to find out, Gabriel began cruel experiments on insects, secretly destroying various parts of their bodies. From these cruel experiments, he concluded that the insect's soul had spread throughout the body. Gabriel wanted to see or even capture this soul. However, no matter how much he experimented, he never achieved his goal. Welcome to the young psychopath!

Then Gabriel began to think about human souls and since people could not live without a head, he came to the conclusion that their soul is in the brain. He began to analyze his childhood friend Alicia Klingerman and at the same time wanted to marry her in order to look into her soul. However, due to the global financial crisis in 2008, Alicia's family fell out of favor and earned a lot of debt. Alicia and her family were about to move to live with their relatives in Kansas City. Gabrielle, who was 10 years old, decided to kill her.

For this, when the petition day came, Gabriel invited Alicia to the forest behind his house, where his secret laboratory was located. There, as Gabrielle and Alicia embraced, he took out a needle, which his father used on his insects to pierce Alicia's left ear, holding her right ear, killing her. When she died, a small cloud appeared from her forehead and Gabrielle was sure that it is her soul. So he began to be carried away by human souls.

In the years that followed, Gabrielle began to take an interest in FullDive technology, created in Japan for his soul quest. He even started learning Japanese and joined Gun Gale Online as a Subtilizer.

Soon, he became a legendary figure amongst GGO players after winning the 1st Bullet of Bullets tournament with just a knife and a handgun. Later, his fame cemented after the 4th BoB tournament, which he won its champion without bringing any weapons of his own, merely using the «Army Combative» skill to grapple to his opponent, steal the player's weapon and use it to kill his target.

One day, the NSA approached Gabriel with a request to take part in an attack on the Ocean Turtle in order to obtain soul translator technology secretly developed there. Hearing about the technology of interaction with the human soul and that she had already managed to copy the human soul, Gabriel volunteered to lead the operation himself. And he gets it. He and his squad then board a naval submarine and attack a Japanese-owned vessel that is a US ally, and when Gabriel infiltrated the Ocean Turtle he quickly captures STL 1, but fails to take control of the entire access terminal and has to "dive" into the Underworld.

Then Gabrielle uses the account of Emperor Vector (thanks to admin rights). He then goes to the Council of Nine Chiefs, where he announces to them that in 5 days the Great Eastern Gate in the West will collapse and calls on 10 Chiefs to prepare for a military campaign, promising them the subordination of the entire Human World , in exchange for getting him the Priestess of Light. Then Lypia Zanker attempts to assassinate his life, but he kills her, and on the next, he presents her head to the ten leaders in order to reveal the traitor (Schuster). When the Black General killed three leaders, he tried to kill Gabriel, but the one sitting on the throne and having the expression on his face, "haha loh", does not even deviate because of his his colossal amount of Life and his counterattack against the Volatile Mist.Seeing this, all the remaining people who were in the throne room are convinced of his absolute superiority and become even more loyal to him.

Gabrielle then becomes the brutal dictator of the Assembly of the Seven Lords of the Dark Territory. Finally, he decides to stage an invasion of the Human Empire from the rear of the Dark Empire Army. He trusts the strategy in the hands of Diya Ai El and decides to stay in the rear for a short time and observe the actions of the war from the side. When the attack fails twice, Gabrielle, in the form of Vector, offers to use the 3,000 lives of the orcs in the reserve, for slaughter as a victim of which they will replenish the Dark Force. However, this plan is not very successful and he has to use the main forces of the army, relying on the guild of Fist Fighters and Dark Knights.

The next day, he orders to transfer forces across the gorge, as a result of which almost all the soldiers die. But everything goes according to Gabriel's plan, since at that very moment Critter was able to synchronize the time of Underworld with the real world and deceive the players of the North American continent. He then contacts his allies in the real world and calls upon thousands of unsuspecting players to kill the AI, believing they were just inside a different game, even allowing them to kill the forces of the Dark Territory.

Do you want to know his true plan? After that, you will understand that this madman's cuckoo is in the ass. His plan is that he wants to destroy and remake the Underworld like a Vault 112-style nightmare inhabited by Alice and kidnapped real-life victims, while the "catch" is that he separates souls from physical bodies effectively killing them and leaving their souls trapped in the Underworld so that he can manipulate them in any way he sees fit, which he reveals when he taunts Kirito during their final battle, during which he takes on pitch black form with a pair of glowing blue eyes, a dark halo and three pairs of angel wings, but that doesn't help him and he loses because of his arrogance. Having lost, he is surrounded by the souls of all those who died through his fault and they begin to take him to hell, while the soul of his girlfriend laughs at him. Oe pleads with his soldiers to save him, but they ignore him and he ends up going to hell for all his atrocities.

Freudian Excuse / Mitigating Factors

He doesn't have any awful childhood. He was a heartless psychopath from childhood. Although at some point it seems to him that he is sad because he killed Alicia, he just wants to get her beautiful soul and he just enjoys the beauty of her soul.

Heinous standards

Although the standards are high, considering a few PEs, Gabrielle has one of the tallest bodies, given his plan (kidnapping people from reality and separating their souls from their bodies), with his experiments on insects and animals, willingly sacrificing his people and that's it. he does, for a very passing reason, receiving souls from people. Hell, he seems even more disgusting than Quinella (another PE), already says a lot.


Store, kill and cut in half. Oh, and even "competently" it must be divided!

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