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Only a mother can love such a face. No, this is not an orc, but a walking tumor. And this orc-tumor is arguably one of the most evil and disgusting characters in the franchise. Irony.

Hello everyone. After the approval of Saruman (version of the films) and seeing Sauron's proposal from the Shadow of Mordor dilogy, I remembered one orc who, as it seemed to me for a long time, could pass the classification. Having very little screen time, he no less had a very high number of bodies (both killed and attempts), but I doubted him all the time and did not dare to propose (I wonder if I was the only one who considered our orc as a candidate?). Nevertheless, I think now is the time to find out, is this PE orc really? Let's see.

Note: This proposal concerns, as in the case of Azog and Saruman, his film version, since his book counterpart simply did not do anything disgusting. Just an Orc commander whose name was mentioned once. But again, as in the case of Saruman and Azog, his role not only increased, but his cruelty and vileness increased. So that only the version from the films.

What's the work?

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King-the 2003 motion picture, the third and final installment of a trilogy directed by Peter Jackson based on the Lord of the Rings novel by JRR Tolkien. The world premiere took place on December 1, 2003 in New Zealand.

This film tells the story of the final war between the forces of Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimlin and the rest against Sauron and his army, while Frodo, Sam and Gollum head to Mount Doom in Mordor to destroy the One Ring. And our candidate (as I said the orc) is the Orc commander and deputy Witch-king of Angmar. Meet the ugliest orc you've ever seen (or one of) named Gothmog.

Who is Gothmog?/What has he done?

Nothing is known about Gothmog's past other than being an orc. He had an ugly appearance even by Orc standards. Gothmog was allegedly severely injured during the fighting, causing his left side of his body to become completely deformed, his arm rendered useless and his leg limping. Despite this, Gothmog continued to fight thanks to his intellect, cunning and leadership ( that few of them were orcs), he began to climb the career ladder and eventually became the right hand of the Witch-king of Angmar himself. Gothmog began to have a large army and became one of the main strategists of Sauron, and after Azog, together with his son Bolg, gave his soul to God, Gothmog did, perhaps became the sole general of the Orcs. It is not known where he was or what he did, since he only appears in Return of the King, but he must have followed the orders of Sauron and Angmar, perhaps?

In any case, after the well-deserved death of Saruman, Gothmog will take command and, on the orders of Angmar, go to the city of Osgiliath. He attacks the city, where he and his troops kill everyone who can fight back, and then captures the rest of Faramir's battalion, and the city itself.When one of the wounded soldiers (Madril) looks at his deformed arm, Gothmog personally kills him by impaling his belly with a spear.

After he decides to execute all the captives, which he successfully does. Then the Witch-king flies to him, ordering him to attack Minas Tirith, and when Gothmog asks about Gandalf, the Wizard says that he will break him. Then Gothmog, together with Sauron's army, attack Minas Tirith, where he use the heads of the hostages he killed in order to catapult them into Minas Tirith, into civilians and soldiers, in order to strike terror in their hearts and reduce morale, as well as for a terrible psychological torture.

Then Gothmog is ordered to kill absolutely everyone in Minas Morgul and for this he orders to bombard the city, trying to kill at least a thousand people, and then, using catapults, he begins to devastate the city, killing hundreds of people (including mothers who carried children). When Minas Tirith begins to return fire and Gothmog's troops begin to die dozens, Gotmot orders them to remain in the ranks, not paying attention to the hundreds of deaths of their subordinates, even scolding them for cowardice and inefficiency.

While in the theater, his fate remains unknown, in the extended, we learn his fate. He survives the onslaught and when a large-scale battle begins, where Eowyn wounds him in the leg and after she kills Angmar, Gothmog gets up and in a rage because his powers are broken, he tries Eowyn once and for all, not caring about death Angmar, but Aragorn chops off the orc's arm, and Gimli rushes in from behind and stabs Gothmog in the torso with his ax, before Aragorn stabs Gothmog in the back, killing the nefarious warlord for good. There is less evil in Mordor.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

He, like all orc commanders, does not care about his troops, literally letting hundreds of his troops die, preventing them from destroying the formation when ejected debris from Minas Tirith crush them. And despite the fact that he helps Sauron and Angmar take Middle-earth, he does not care about them, since he does not care about Angmar's death and it is likely that he followed Sauron out of fear, and not out of any loyalty.

Despite his terrible and painful death, he fully deserved it and his half of his body, although deformed, is not at all a tragedy (can this be considered a tragedy?) Because he was already angry and he himself does not care ... why am I doing this at all?

Well and although he obey Angmar's orders, Angmar ordered him to simply attack Osgiliath and Minas Morgul (Tirith), his killing all those who might fight back, killing Madril, throwing heads as a terrible psychological torture, allowing hundreds of orcs to be crushed, and another, all this is exclusively the decision of Gothmog himself.

Heinous Standards

Film standards are slightly lower than the book series (sort of), but still high. Let's take a look at Gothmog's rivals.

Azog. He tried to destroy the Durin line, killed King Tror and beheaded him, kills Fili, and also commits a mass murder of children and women in general.

Saruman the White. Burned down the Ents, knowing full well that they were sentient, ordering the destruction of every village in Vestfold, ordering to kill everyone, down to the last child in Helm's Deep.

Sauron. Raised the 9 Human kings to the Nazgуловl, unleashed war among the kingdoms of elves and humans, giving Azog and Saruman resources and being responsible for most of their actions, including killing countless innocent lives and ravaging all owners of the One Ring.

And even besides them, there are other villains who influence the abhorrent standard.

The Witch-king of Angmar. It was he who ordered Gothmog to attack Osgiliath and Minas Tirith and helped Sauron with his plans to genocide all people and capture Middle-earth.

Smaug. Destroyed most of Dale and Laketown, resulting in many deaths.

Due to the lousy standard, I never suggested Gothmog. However, thinking about it, I think he stands out quite well. For starters, he stands out a lot for his looks. Seriously, look at him, he's not an orc, but a walking tumor. Even Azog and his son Bolg are an example of beauty compared to him. God, by this he surpasses even Saruman and Sauron, and this is a lot to say. (:

Well, to be more precise, he has much less screen time than Saruman, Azog or Sauron. Not only that, unlike them, he only has one film, but there he has very little screen time. Gollum, Smaug or Angmar also have much more screen time. And there are resources. It makes no sense to compare with Smaug, Sauron or Angmar. Azog and Saruman have a higher position and are only commanded by Sauron himself. So, in general, Gothmog has the least of all the important antagonists of resources (except for Gollum) and screen time.

Despite such a short time, Gothmog has a rather unique action, namely, throwing the heads of slain prisoners in Minas Tirith, as a psychological warfare, is quite unique, since I do not remember anyone doing this (similar to what I did in one mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, when you could throw enemies' heads into enemy castles and villages when besieging them in order to weaken the morale). Moreover, in such a short time, Gothmog has a pretty decent number of bodies, approaching the number of bodies in Azog, reading that he has a whole trilogy and many times more screen time and resources, it's amazing.

Also, Gothmog can (exactly what he can) stand out in that he is, if not the worst bad bosses in the franchise, then one of the worst for sure. Allowing at least hundreds of orcs to be crushed, ordering them not to disrupt the formation, is quite terrible and of course Azog, Saruman and Sauron were far from a good boss, but they (at least Sauron and Saruman, and probably even Azog) were not so cruel to his subordinates, which allowed them to die en masse like Gothmog. Unless I'm missing anything, of course.


This proposal took me much longer than I expected, although given that Gothmog is quite controversial, this is not surprising. I am still unsure about him as he has a lot of competition. However, I think he still stands out for his big lack of screen time and resources, and his head-tossing, coupled with a lot of bodies, including hundreds of his soldiers, is pretty amazing. in such a short time, Gothmog's number of bodies is quite close to the number of bodies in Azog, and this is a lot to say. I would lean towards yes, or at least a weak yes.

What do you think about this? Is Gothmog disgusting enough to be one of the worst alongside the likes of Saruman, Azog, SauronAnd Morgoth (from the books) or is he still failing the hideous standard with them?