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Like my coat? It's genuine lawyer!

Hello everyone! Think Totally Spies doesn't have PE? Despite its comedic, deep, satirical and parodic tone, even here it found a place for such a vile, vicious and disgusting villain. And this is not the main antagonist of Terrence Lewis (despite the fact that he once crossed the MEH). Our candidate appeared in 4 (or 6) episodes, although two would have been enough for her. Yes, our candidate is a woman. You yourself have already understood everything a long time ago.

What's the work?

Totally Spies!-French-Canadian animated series, produced by the French animation studio Marathon Media, and has 6 seasons and one full-length cartoon. The plot revolves around the girls Clover, Sam and Alex, who secretly work in the organization to protect people WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection) (World Organization for the Defense of Human Beings), led by Jerry (who also created this organization around the 1970s). Spies have to combine agency work with the life of ordinary Beverly Hills high school girls, dating, shopping, and also hide from Mandy's annoying classmate who they really are. Oh, and they also fight global crime.

In Season 1, Episode 15, The Girls go on a mission to find a cruise ship and its passengers that have gone missing by unknown means. They reach the island, where they find the missing cruise and the dark truth. And also our candidate, who is behind the abduction of Cruise. Meet the fashion designer Ms. Helga Von Guggen.

Who is Helga Von Guggen/What has he done?

Helga is a fashion designer who decided to make money by apparently selling skins. And for this she had a serum that mutated people into animals. She then threw them into a giant industrial shredder, where she ripped them off alive. And then make a fur coat. In fact, from people ..... There is a version that Helga is the grandmother of Ponce de Leon. So, with a similar plan, Helga lured the cruise liner (not the fact that this is the first) and its passengers to his island. Then she begins to turn unfortunate people into animals, and then pluck the skins alive.

When the main characters discover her hideout, she ordered her bodyguard to mutate one of them and as a result Clover turned into a cat girl. When all the spies are captured and brought to Helga, she reveals her plan to mutate people into animals, and then rip them off alive skins, then to make fur coats and sell them. She even then brags about one of her coats, claiming to be "a real lawyer." Fortunately, Clover revolts and begins a battle with Helga and her subordinates.

This leads to the fact that Helga falls into her own tank with serum, where she mutates into a huge chimera-like mutant monster, and in revenge for this, he tries to kill the spies, but she does not succeed and she is defeated, and then she is imprisoned under guard. She (like all the mutated ones, including Clover, who survived) was returned to human form and she eventually escapes again.

Furious at the failure of her plans, she decides to take revenge on the world. How does she do it? Create a new line of clothing that literally strangle people to death. Her plans are one more terrible than the other. When she again grabs the spies, she again reveals her plan, for revenge on everyone and death from clothes.Her plans are one more terrible than the other. When she catches spies, she reveals her plan for revenge on everyone and everyone and about death by clothes. She also demonstrates what will happen to customers when they wear her clothes, using the example of a mannequin. She then orders Trode to keep an eye on the spies. But they break out and end up using steam to smooth out very wrinkled clothes. This again leads to the arrest of Helga.

She then disposes of Throud and in Season 4 she joins forces with LAMOS to destroy WOOHP. But in the end, they arrest her three times, that is, she appeared in three episodes and at the end of all of them she was arrested. There she does nothing disgusting, except to help LAMOS with their plans. And in the end, she ends up in prison. Serves her right.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

Absolutely not. She is nothing more than a bloodthirsty, greedy psychopath who kills dozens of people in a cruel way. She doesn't care about Trode at all, as she gets rid of him when she thinks he's too incompetent. Although she teamed up with LAMOS, it was out of pragmatism as she used them to achieve her goals and not care about them.

Heinous Standards

Again, yes. Other villains either redeem themselves, are not disgusting enough compared to her, or have redemptive qualities. Even the main antagonist Terrence does cross the MEH while trying to completely destroy WOOHP. But even with that, he still doesn't go that far as a standard terrorist.

Helga is a completely different story. She is by far the worst and the only one who has the right to do so. It seems that she was taken from some kind of thriller otherwise it is difficult to explain how IT got here. In short, Helga, the local serial killer. The closest comparison is Ponce de Leon, which I mentioned. Although he was simply stealing youth from people, Helga turns people into animals and skin them alive. And we see, in her first episode, how many of the cruise members are already animals, and given that she bragged about being a lawyer, it’s obvious that she managed to kill, which no one else in the series did (if I’m not mistaken).And of course, her clothes, which choke people, are also terrible and nightmarish.

The way in which she kills people is quite unique and considering how completely free-spirited and comedy the series is, it's pretty amazing to see such a villain. If she hadn't been stopped, how many more people would have died horribly? then in 3 of them, it does nothing, in the other it is almost nonexistent. So, she actually has two episodes. And she could do so much?


Considering she's a serial killer from a family show, and considering HOW she kills people or was about to kill (until she was stopped), she's a good fit. But it's up to you to decide. Brrr, the family show has a serial killer who turns people into animals and skin them alive and tries to strangle people with clothes. How so? I think Cruella De Ville would be pleased.