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Nice and beautiful girl. It is a pity that a sadistic and bloodthirsty monster, ready to destroy countless lives, wields it.

Hello everyone. Now that Muscular is approved, I remembered another villain that many consider PE and she (yes, she is a girl) did not come from the main series, but from a spin-off. And now looking at it, it is clear why it is considered PE. In that case, let's discuss it.

What's the work?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes-is a Japanese superhero manga series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court. This manga is a spin-off and prequel to the original My Hero Academia and takes place several years before the main events. It tells the story of 19-year-old Koichi Haimawari, a college student who used his quirk of sliding on the ground at relatively high speeds to do as much good as he thought he could do. One day, he encounters a vigilante named Knuckle Duster and after a series of unfortunate circumstances, Koichi is forced to become Duster's apprentice, which he later accepts.

Now known as "The Crawler", Koichi, along with Duster and an illegal street idol known as Pop Step, must investigate the source of a mysterious drug known as "Trigger" (which either aggravates or amplifies people's quirks, often causing them to go Let's talk about Koichi's worst enemy so far and one of the Trigger vendors, a high school student, Kuin Hachisuka.

Who is Kuin Hachisuka/What has he done?

Little is known about Kuin's past. At some point, she got hold of the Queen Bee quirk (which allows you to create bees with bite syringes). Before the main events, she had already invaded the minds of several people, taking them under her control and using them for her own purposes, and as soon as she got what she wanted, she left people to die. At some point, she did this to the wife of Nakla Duster, which led to her death, and then took control of Tamao Oguro and used her as her new body. Then she decided to sell the drug, "Trigger". Why? As well as all her actions are motivated exclusively by sadism. She just likes it. She likes to break other people's lives or pick them up. Saditic psychopath in all his greatness. So, portraying an eccentric high school student, Quinn is involved in the drug trade and creates chaos for her own entertainment. At the same time, she has something like a "hobby" or a "trick". Call it whatever you want. When she needs a "roof" over her head, she goes to some house, kills all people and takes the house for herself. the couple she killed are her parents, but when she gets bored she starts thinking about "moving into a house".And the process is repeated.

Kuin uses her bees to transport drugs and infect innocent people for her own pleasure. For example, when she appears, she infects several people, causing the infected to go berserk. We also see what happens to infected people when they fall into a rage: one person is set on fire due to his own quirk, and a large amount of blood escapes from the other's hands. And obviously, Kuin knows about it, but she doesn't care, because the main thing is to have ,,fun"!

Well, what will Kuin do if she doesn't use drugs? She begins to commit crimes out of sheer sadism. Here's an example: when the Hero Killer Spot (then known as the vigilante, Stendhal) drenched the blood of the high-ranking members of the mafia, whom he hunts, Kuin manipulated him into convincing him to kill three young criminals who had previously committed chaos (thanks to Trigger), and when he encounters one of them (Suga Kugizaki), Kuin offers him a bottle of Trigger to make the battle more "interesting" and when he refuses, she will forcefully drive him. that Soga is looking for her to relay a message from Knuckle Duster, she meets with Suga and release your bees to injure him, almost killing him.

Here's another example, when she used the Trigger to create chaos. She infected a cat (here I personally don't ask her, cats should not be touched under any circumstances) with a Trigger, which is why she acquired a quirk that hijacks a bus, filled with passengers. She then takes on the cat, eventually hijacking the bus to make it crash and kill the passengers. Luckily, the hero Ingenium (real name Tensei Iida) rescues the bus and evacuates all passengers except Makoto Tsukauchi. unharmed, Quinn forces the cat bus monster to take the college student back and throw him into the ocean to drown him.Luckily, Koichi and Tensei save them, and Quinn is forced to flee. You see how crazy Queen is! And you say that Muscular is completely crazy.

Also, Kuin "befriends" Teruo Unagisawa, whom she will soon infect with the "Trigger", turning him into an eel monster, and then kidnap him in order to experiment with the Trigger. Her final plan is to turn Teruo into an even more dangerous monster, so that he then causes a blackout during the concert, which also contains Pop Step, where she intends to infect everyone at the concert with the Trigger.

In general, it becomes clear that Quinn has blown all the "fuses" and it's time to stop the crazy one. Knuckle Duster gets to her and confronts her, intending to make her pay for everything she has done, and also return her daughter. Kuin escapes, and then drive Tamao the electric eel's quirks to fight Duster, however she loses again. While cornered, Quinn creates several bee bombs, trying to kill Duster one last time, not caring that Tamao will die in the explosion. But Duster is temporarily stopped Tamao's heart using high-voltage tasers, which causes the worker bees to scatter from her body. This also forces Kuin herself to leave the body of Tamao and Duster grab her (and we also see her true form, namely the queen bee), and then toss her air and fire explosives at her, detonating her and killing Kuin (like all of her worker bees, except one) once and for all. Even if a queen bee is created again due to a single burnt out bee, Kuin is dead forever and she will no longer be infected with the Trigger and will not destroy or take someone else's life. A tablecloth road.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

She is a bee, but she can still think like a human and although she calls the bees she created “babies” she does not care for them at all, because she kills them without hesitation and without repentance when they can damage the host's body. Quinn cares about nothing but herself, and she is motivated by purely sadism and nothing more.

Heinous Standards

In the spin-off, she is without a doubt the worst (at least at the moment). Others are clearly inappropriate because of redemptive qualities or not disgusting enough. Even having such tough competition with the likes of All For One, Muscular, Kaya, Tomura and others. But even compared to all of them, Quinn still stands out. She has an incredible number of bodies, perhaps one of the tallest in the franchise, mutating and infecting countless numbers, as well as many murders, destruction and a certain influence on Duster, turning him into a crime fighter and of course the fact that she generally kills extremely brutally and it is painful to place it far beyond the abhorrent standard.And remember that she, like Muscular, has less resources than All For One, Tomura and others. She has no army, but her own bees.


I think she's a keeper for her brutal murders, using the "Trigger" to destroy countless lives and many other atrocities. What do you think?