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Okay, here's the third sentence. Recently, thanks to the wonderful User The King Peacock, one villain was removed from the film, as he was overcome by the main antagonist of the film and he is tragic. We will talk about this main antagonist today.

What's the work?

Ninja Assassin is a 2009 action movie very gore made by James McTeige. McTeigue is the same director who did V for Vendetta. The film tells the story of Raizo, who was taken by the Ozunu clan as an orphan and began to raise him as an ideal killer. He, like many others, went through hellish training. Raizo however became the favorite of the head of the clan and accordingly became the successor, and he had more brutal training than others. The only one who has shown him kindness is a girl named Kiriko, with whom he eventually develops a romantic bond. Over time, Kiriko becomes disillusioned with Odzunu's routine and decides to abandon it. One rainy night, Kiriko climbs the wall to escape, but is caught and later executed in front of Raizo by their older ninja brother Takeshi, who impales her.

Years later, the matured Raizo is ordered to execute another traitor. But Raizo, remembering the death of Kiriko, cut the face of the head of the clan and escapes, and then unites with Europol agent Mika Coretti, who, having lifted the veil over the political case involving a mysterious Asian organization, in order to expose the clan. And now let's talk about the clan of the Ozumu clan, in fact, Lord Ozunu himself.

Who is Lord Ozunu/ What has he done?

Nothing is known about Ozun's past. He was able to somehow find the resources to create a clan, which he ruled as a sect and called it by his name. He decided to get arrived with assassinations. To do this, he takes orphans from all over the world and begins to turn them into ideal ninja assassins. And teaching Ozunu imposes terrible and disgusting. His training includes beating them to the point of scarring their bodies and forcing them into violent sparring matches in which they beat each other to the point of bleeding. If nothing happens, he just brainwashes. Yes, child soldiers.

The most “beloved” disciple of Ozunu is Raizo, whom Ozunu made the successor. And of course, Ozunu showed “love” for his favorite, through even more brutal training and lack of kindness. Well, it’s more true to him, right? Oh yes, when he finds out that Kiriko is trying to leave the clan, he orders to take her and execute her, which is what happens, while this is an example for everyone. It is clear that Ozumu will get rid of anyone who wants to leave the clan. Oh, I almost forgot, when Ozunu receives an order, he orders his people to kill not only the target, but also everyone who is next to her, that is, in the room, in order to remove the witnesses.

A few years later, Ozunu decides to test his best student, entrusting him with the first murder. In Berlin, at the top of the city skyline, Raizo must execute another traitor. But Raizo, remembering the death of Kiriko and deciding that his master and clan are complete psychos, and in general, they need to get out of there, inflict a wound in Ozun's face and escapes, falling from the roof into the river.

Having pumped ... uh, that is, having recovered, our crazy master decides to tie the loose ends and get rid of Raizo. Having learned where he should enter, he sends Takesha, who became his right hand, and his group to destroy Raizo or take him alive, as well as everyone who is inside with him. Of course, this concerns the Europol refuge where Raizo is being held. Eventually, Ozunu's men capture Raizo and bring him to him, where Raizo meets Ozuma face to face. But they do not have time to execute Raizo, as Europol with Mika and Maslow attack the headquarters, thanks to the tracking device in Raizo. An epic battle begins, during which Raizo sends Takeshu to the next world and enters into a sword duel with his master.

Apprentice vs. Master! ”When Mika tries to help, Ozunu stabs her where her heart should be, with a cold expression on her face. Seeing this and deciding that it was time for his teacher to retire, Raizo uses the "mixing shadows" technique and successfully fights Ozumu, eventually killing him, ending his cruelty and avenging his girlfriend and all the suffering that Ozuma caused As a result, his clan (with the exception of Raizo) is destroyed, and Raizo will be able to live peacefully and freely, without threat from Ozunu. As well as anybody.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

Of course not! He is motivated by money and nothing more. He may not be sadistic, but he is still terrible as he destroys the lives of countless children, turning them into child soldiers, subjecting them to terrible training and giving them terrible lives. He may consider all disciples as sons, but this is not a redemptive trait, since he does not care about them at all, showing no kindness or concern about their death.

Even Raizo, who is his favorite student, even Ozun doesn't care about him. When he left the clan, Ozunu did not hesitate to order him to be captured and wanted to kill him, not to mention that he subjected him to terrible and very cruel training, never showing kindness to him. In general, Ozunu has neither honor nor kindness to anyone. He rather views his students as extensions of himself and is willing to kill them if they betray him, although Raizo and Kiriko just wanted to leave. There is no excuse for what he did to the poor orphans.

Heinous Standards

He is the main antagonist of the film and the only truly evil character. Other antagonists, namely his clan and Takesha, follow his orders and all his fighters are evil because of Ozumu, who did not show kindness to them, but rather very brutal training for many years. If it weren't for Ozuma, Takesha and the others would hardly have been raised as murderers. That's how they were taught. They had no other choice.

Ozumu is the only villain who commits his crimes freely, without anyone's control. And even though he doesn't have much screen time, he still excels at his inhuman workouts or brainwashing. He made many orphans who have already lost their homes and parents to become child soldiers, which is very disgusting. And he is also willing to execute anyone who wants to leave the clan, which is pretty merciless.And of course, he’s killing not only targets, but also everyone who is in the room, and this obviously includes children. Instead of finding a more moral way to eliminate the target, without unnecessary sacrifices, Ozumu simply doesn't care about it.


Definitely yes, for destroying many lives of innocent children, for the willingness to execute anyone who wants to leave the clan and murder both targets and all innocent people who are close to the target. But of course it's up to you to decide.