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You shouldn't sympathize with him. He is a pedophile, raped children, raped his sister. He brought tragedy upon himself. He is just as ugly and ugly as outwardly.

Hello everyone. Yes, two candidates in one day. Yes, I am temporarily out of my mind. By the way, today we have a very outwardly disgusting candidate played by Gary Oldman. And as a previous candidate, our PE candidate is both in the book and in the film.

What's the work?

Hannibal-novel by Thomas Harris, published in 1999. The third novel in a series about the adventures of the sinister Hannibal Lecter, an intellectual cannibal and serial killer, played by Anthony Hopkins in 3 films. The novel was filmed in 2001. The film is chronologically the last part of Hannibal to put an end to it. Several years have passed since the end of The Silence of the Lambs. Clarissa Starling has become a real professional, a special agent of the FBI, but due to the machinations of long-time ill-wisher Paul Crandler from the Department of Justice, she is entrusted with hard thankless work. However, in the end, she receives a letter from Lector Hannibal, in which he asks for a complete story of the lambs.Meanwhile, the hunt for Hannibal begins, led by Lector's longtime acquaintance, and our millionaire candidate, as well as pedophile Mason Verger.

Who is Mason Verger/ What has he done?

Mason was born to Molson Verger and was the sole heir to the Verger meat dynasty. He has a twin sister, Margot.

In his youth, Mason was sent to a summer camp owned by his father, where he often "used" other children. In addition, he also demonstrated psychopathy at an early age, physically and sexually abused his sister Margot. In addition, he subjects her to other grotesque tortures, such as biting off pieces of her buttocks, dislocating her arm and violently raping her with a chocolate bar (which he calls "taking chocolate").When their father disinherits her after she became a lesbian, Mason uses the situation to extort sexual favors from her, threatening to cut her off financially if she disobeys him.

As an adult, Mason becomes a full-fledged pedophile, raping and torturing children, purely because of sadism. Other than that, he also happily tortures animals, performs autoerotic asphyxiation, and loves to spice up his martini with baby tears. Crazy full, in short.

But Karma reaches him when he is arrested for "taking advantage" of children in the Christian camp his father founded, but he uses his family's political connections to make sure he is sentenced to community service and counseling instead of imprisonment. Lecter is his court-appointed therapist. Coincidentally, Lecter was treating Margot for the abuse she suffered at the hands of Mason a few years ago. Mason invites Lecter to his first level for their first session. Lecter gives him what Verger believed to be amyl nitrate and asks him to demonstrate autoerotic asphyxiation. In reality, Lecter gave him a highly potent cocktail of psychoactive drugs. Deliriously high, Mason hangs himself with a noose and crashes into a mirror. Lecter picks up a shard of broken glass and tells Mason to peel off his own face with it. Mason once again complies, and Lecter feeds the pieces of Mason's face to his dogs, Under Lecter's orders, Mason also eats his own nose. Finally, Lecter breaks Mason's neck with the noose and leaves him for dead. Mason survives, but is left a hideously disfigured quadriplegic.So the Lector punished him for the cruel treatment of his children and his sister.

Having survived by a miracle, but terribly mutilated, Mason vowed to take revenge on Hannibal for this. When he found out that Lector had committed a serial murder, Mason tries to get him to receive the death penalty, but instead Lecter is declared insane and is hospitalized, much to Mason's fury. He later regretted not trying to kill Hannbal in prison.

When Mason found out that Lector had escaped from custody, Vergere became obsessed with the murder of Lector. Realizing that he will never be able to walk, he recruits an elite gang of Sardinian kidnappers and uses his vast resources to create a special breed of giant, vicious boar, intending to capture Lecter and then slowly eat him alive.

Mason is awarding Lector with a large reward of $ 1 million for the head and arms of Dr. Lecter, but $ 3 million for Lecter alive. Mason becomes so obsessed with killing Lector that he collects his personal belongings such as an X-ray of Lecter's left arm, which was dislocated during the attack on the nurse, and Lecter's restraining mask. He bought them from Lecter's former guardian, Barney Matthews.

Then Mason is lucky when he is suddenly helped by the Italian police inspector Rinaldo Pazzi, who helps Mason's men to capture Hannibal alive, kidnapping him from Florence, but Hannibal kills him. Hannibal then sent a letter to Mason personally, reproaching him for the clumsiness of his people, reminding him that he ate his own nose during his ordeal, and promising: "Before you die, you will see my face."

Oh, I almost forgot, despite his disability, Mason continues to torture and abuse children and drink martini made from their tears. He also treats everyone like trash, including his sister (in the book) and personal Dr. Cordell to destroy him. Even as a disabled person, this psychopath continues to cause suffering and anguish.

But luck smiles on Mason again when he eventually realizes that Lector is fascinated by Clarissa Starling and uses his connections in the US government, including Starling's nemesis, Paul Krendler, to remove Starling from the Bureau on trumped-up charges that she helped Lecter hide from justice.

In the end, Mason gets his way when in the USA his people take Hannibal alive and bring him to the barn, to Mason himself. In the barn, facing Mason face to face, Hannibal learns from him that Mason intends to feed Lecter first with his feet, then twelve hours later with his face, and then with the rest of Lecter. And here there is a fork in the plot, namely in the book and in the film, so I will discuss them separately.


Starling, who escaped from the Bureau, will save Lector, and Mason retreats to his house, but was killed there by Margot, who pulled Verger's domestic moray eel out of the tank and put it in his mouth. The eel bit off Verger's tongue, and he drowned in his own blood. Before killing him, Margot used a cattle needle to stimulate Mason's prostate and extract a small portion of his sperm in order to fertilize her lover. as Molson Verger's will left the marital estate to his next male relative in the event of Mason's death.And yes, Lecto convinced Margot to bang her hated brother and tell her to take all the blame. Thus, Margot managed to take revenge on her terrible brother, who caused her a lot of pain and suffering.


In the film, Marga was cut out, like all Mason's violence towards her. While that makes him less disgusting, he is still disgusting enough to be PE. So, when Mason is going to bring his plan to life, Starling appears, who escaped from the Bureau and frees Hannibal. A decisive battle begins, during which many of Mason's people die, others are wounded, like Starling. Then the furious boars rush into the barn and attack Mason's people. Enraged, Mason orders his personal doctor Cordell to take the pistol from the pen and shoot Lecter. But Hannibal convinces him to throw Mason (whom Cordell hates because of his insults) in the boar pen,swearing to take all the blame. Seeing what a monster Mason is, Cordell dumps the huntsman into the pen before leaving. Then hungry boars attack Mason, eating him alive, killing him once and for all, avenging all the suffering and torment he caused.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

Oh people, no. He has no tragic past as he had a good life. He decided from the beginning to be a sadi monster, inflicting pain on everyone, especially his children and his sister. Although what Hannibal did to him was terrible, he fully deserved it, considering that he was already a very angry and terrible person, being a pedophile who rapes and torments children due to sadism. It is also never played sympathetically. And his death, in the book, in the movie, is terrible, but again he fully deserves it. Even becoming disabled, he continued to torture and abuse children, and he wanted to kill Hannibal in a very cruel way, because of petty revenge. Mason never took the blame on himself.

And again, the way he tries to kill Hannibal is very terrible and alarming, and all because of the fact that he mutilated, but Hannibal did it, because he tortured and raped children, and also raped and shattered Margot's life. He himself brought on tragedy, but he never took the blame, so you should not sympathize with him. The only time he regretted was that he did not try to kill Hannibal in prison and after becoming disabled, Mason never regretted his actions.

Oh, I must say that he does not care about anyone? He treats everyone, to put it mildly, like trash, including his sister. There is nothing good about this monster.

Heinous Standards

Again, yes. Most villains are either redemptive or not disgusting enough. Hannibal himself has a pretty past and has many redemptive qualities. Plus he's an Anti-villain (or Anti-Hero). Mason, however, stands out as a person who is very rotten to the core. In the book, he treats his sister cruelly, physically and sexually rape her, and in both versions, he rapes and tortures children for the sake of sadism. He also tortures animals. Even when he has become disabled, he continues to torture and abuse children, which is incredibly disgusting. Oh, and he spiced up his martini with the childish tears he tormented, which clearly indicates how sick he is.In addition, he is also ready to kill Hannibal extremely brutally and even brutally, which once again makes him terrible.

The rest of the villains, either redeem themselves, or have the redemptive qualities of Liuo are simply not repulsive enough and obey his orders.

The only one who can compete with him is Vladis Grutas, who trafficked in people, ate Hannibal's sister, and is responsible for turning him into a murderer and his unnecessary cruelty. But Mason can still compete with him, since Mason raped and tortured children, and also raped his sister and tried to kill Hannibal in a cruel way. He also continued, even becoming disabled, to insult and torture children. Mason himself is physically much weaker than Grutas, so he does not pose a danger for the entire film. And he has less screen time.


Considering that he is a pedophile, raping and torturing children, and becoming disabled, torturing and profaning them, physically and sexually abusing his sister and trying to brutally kill Hannibal, and his tragedy is extremely petty and he himself brought it on, he clearly fits. Mason and Grutas are the worst villains in the Hannibal franchise. It's up to you to decide as always.

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