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You see, in this world, there's people like me and there's people like you. And people like me eat people like you for breakfast and shit them out. You're nothing but foreign vermin, a stinking introduced species. And it's up to my kind to wipe your kind out. And that makes me the winner, which makes you...

Here are my 4 suggestions and the penultimate one before the trip. I think many of you have been waiting for this. Your expectations were met. What will happen if you take Percival C. McLeach, make it so that he still hunted people, remove knowledge about intelligent animals, add it to adult films, add Freddy Krueger humor to him and add the sniper's zarism from TF 2? McLeach's humor and charisma are rife). You get a freaky psychopath, played by John Jarratt.

What's the work?

Wolf Creek is a 2005 film by Australian director Greg McLean that won 3 awards, then a sequel in 2013 and here is 3 in 2022. And then there's the series for two seasons, and there are two more prequel novels, Origin and Desolation Game.

The entire franchise tells all the time about a group of tourists who all the time come across one hunter who is trying to help them. But like everyone interested in a franchise, they know that this person is not who he seems.Eh, let's get down to business. Our candidate and that hunter is Mick Taylor.The prequel novels tell about his past and in general he is the main character there. Antagonist hero. Let's start with them. Wow, great biography.

Who is Mick Taylor/ What has he done?

Mik was born into the same family who lived in the city of Erbil. It belonged to Mika's great-grandfather, but the grandfather eventually lost his ownership, so his family lost its prestige. Mick had parents and a sister. Jim, Mick's dad, made his living by killing animals and he was a typical terrible dad as he regularly beat Mick. When Mick saw how his dad was killing animals, something broke in him. Probably after that, Mick started to go crazy.

Once Mick and his sister were at the waterfall, but a man approached them and offered them chocolate. Mick didn't believe him and wanted to leave, but his sister wanted chocolate and refused to leave. Mick pushed her, but harder than he intended, and she fell off the hill and crashed to her death. Mick blamed the man for her death, which allowed his father to kill him in a vigilante court. But Mick remembered what really happened and ran away from home before his father found out about it (he found out about it and threatened to kill him, in general, a typical psycho father, who should, at best, be put in a mental hospital or in jail,and at worst, brutally and mercilessly bang it. Despicable monsters. But I didn’t go there again). Mick ran away from home and lived off the rats he killed in the outback.

In the end, Mick returned home and killed both of his parents, even though his mother loved him. Okay Father, he deserved it, but Mom, who loved him? Mick lied that the man who killed his sister came back and killed his parents. Mick had a best friend Eddie and adopted his name Taylor. Mick Taylor. This is how he was born.

Mick went to live in the camp. There, hooligans mocked Mick and when Mick got sick and he once beat one of his tormentors so badly that his eyeball was knocked out of the socket that hung by the stem of the eye. Mika was kicked out for this and went to work on the ranch. There Mick killed the dog for some reason. Apparently because of sadism. He also forced the owner to eat the dead dog and killed him too. He also killed another man in the bar. I think it's clear that Mick has turned into a sadistic psychopath. Further "more fun".

There was another serial killer at the ranch named Cutter who took Mickey's knife and gave it to another killer to blackmail Mick. Mick killed Cutter and went to hunt another killer. But they turned out four. He found a girl named Rose and used her to lure other assassins. Jerry (he is also a candidate for PE) is a pedophile-maniac, becomes the first victim to forcibly feed him with his own intestines. Mick then deals with the two assassin brothers.

But the last killer turns out to be the most dangerous. He turned the table over and made Mick stab Rose with a knife. Mick turned the table over and destroyed the last killer. Rose died from a knife wound. Mick kills two policemen and decides to change the pace, enlisting in the army and taking part in the Vietnam War.

Next comes the Desolation Game events. During the Vietnam War, Mick befriended his boss, Sergeant Atkin (another PE candidate), who made a deal with a local village elder who was starving that if the elder allowed him to rape women in the villages, give them half-eaten scraps. Atkin invited Mick to rape women and he happily agreed. Mick and Atkin raped and tortured women, and Mick cut them with knives. Once Mick, raping a woman, accidentally killed her, but Atkin allowed him to continue.

One night, two men accidentally bumped into Atkin and Mick while they were raping and torturing women. Mick and Atkin shot the men. Then they both took part in the same mission. During the mission, they stumbled upon a young enemy soldier huddled in his pajamas. Although he was terrified, instead of taking him into custody, Atkin decided to kill him. Atkin cut the man's spine and it was here that Mick learned to catch his head on a stick and let Mick play with him. Mick stabbed the already paralyzed man in the back and chopped off his head, which he later put on a pin.After burying several corpses, Mick discovered a grenade, but did not tell his other comrade, who was tasked with helping Mika with the bodies, but Mick allowed his comrade to explode.

When Mick and Atkin returned to the village, the elder scolded them for killing two men and struck Atkin with a cane. Atkin took her cane and killed her by sticking the cane down her throat. Mick and Atkin then raped and killed all the women in the village. When rumors surfaced that Mick had killed a soldier, Atkin became worried that Mick had told people about him and Mick raping and killing all the women in the village. Atkin teamed up with two soldiers to kill Mick, but Mick killed him and the two soldiers. Mick then went AWOL and returned home. He made Jerry mine his home.

Two months later, Mick discovered that a tour guide was taking the foreigners around the area, he blew tires and took 10 people to the mine. One of them escaped and called the police. He and one police officer discovered that all but one of the women were dead. Mick then killed the fugitive and the police officer and cut the woman's spine and then raped and killed her. Mick went to the pub dressed in the skin of the woman he raped and killed. He shot and killed a motorist, pub owner, cook and 3 other visitors. He burned down the pub and went to look for a new home, deciding to change his places of residence from time to time if the situation became too risky.

This is followed by the events of the film. In short, Mick notices a car and three other tourists, and when they admire Wolf Creek, he breaks the clock and ruins the car. He finds tourists and convinces them to let him help him. He takes him to his house, jokes with him, telling stories from the past (most likely invented), and gives the tourists water with drugs. All three soon faint. This is where Mick starts the game.

Mick tied and gagged Lisa and threw her in the barn, while Ben was nailed to a fictitious crucifix in the mine, next to an aggressive Rottweiler and several other partially eaten corpses. It is implied that Mick killed several more people with the aid of a Rottweiler. Mick himself decided to indulge his passions by torturing and allegedly raping Christie. He even sexually assaults her. But he is distracted when he sees a hot, disassembled falcon trying to put out a gift. When he returns, he sees that Liz is holding his rifle. He tries to convince her to give him the rifle, but when he growls at her, she fires at him,the shot hits Mika's neck, but he gets lucky and the shot turns out to be non-lethal. He falls to the floor and pretends to be dead. He waits for them to leave so that he can return, which he doesn’t do, and when the girls try to leave Mick’s truck, Mickey, taking a double-barreled gun, gets out of the garage and shoots Liz and Christie, but they manage to leave. He grabs his other truck and chases after them, the girls dodging him in the bushes, rolling his truck off a cliff. They hide and wait while Miki goes to figure out what happened. And so it happens and the girls again go to Mik's camp in order to take another car.

Then Mick, in an incredibly miraculous way, "teleports" to Liz, and in the very car that she sat down and stabs her through the driver's seat with a huge knife. Then he chops off Liz three fingers, lifts her and hits her head unconscious. Then he cuts Lisa's spinal cord stabs her, paralyzes her and transforms her into a head on a stick, Mick informs her about Christy's location and kills her off-screen. Mick then discovered Christie and the motorist by dawn, who tries to help her with a rifle or from Liz and shoots the motorist, killing him. Then he chases Christie and catches up with her, mocks her. Christie manages to knock Mick off the road, he gets out of the car and shoots the rear wheel, causing the car to roll over. Mick then walks up to the car and shoots Christy in the head. And then he walks into the sunset with a rifle in his hands. Wonderful!

In the second part, Mick, annoyed by the rudeness and arrogance of the two cops who stopped his truck because of the speeding, which did not happen, shoot one in the head as they drive away and the car crashes into a ravine. He then impales the burnt out cop and burns him alive.

Mick then tries to trick Rutger and Katarina into violating the rules of the national park and offers to take them to town, but Rutger says they are not. Enraged, Mick stabs Rutger in the back and ties Katarina, preparing to rape her, but Rutger agrees and engages in a fist fight with Miki, but Miki defeats him and beheads him. And Katarina loses consciousness. He then takes Katarina and Rutger's corpse to his house, then he cuts Rutger's corpse and feeds it to his dogs, but Katarina escapes.

He chases her in his truck, and after seeing the British surfer Paul take Katarina, chases them and then shoots Paul, but hits and kills Katarina. Then Mick in a half-sight (presumably killing the driver), chases Paul and even sadistically makes his way through the kangaroo. Eventually escapes, and escapes to a country estate. Mick follows him and Jack (along with Lil, his wife, is the owner of the estate) threatens Mika, forcing him to leave, but he makes his way through the back door. Mick steals the second rifle and kills Jack and Leal. When Paul escapes again, Mick eventually catches up to him and knocks him out.

Mick then takes Paul to his dungeon, where when he wakes up, Mick is about to torture him, but Paul turns out to be very smart. Mick and Paul begin to play ten questions about Australian culture and history with the promise to release if he answers 5 of them correctly. If Paul is wrong, Mick grinds his finger down with a sander. Paul answers three questions and, annoyed by this, Mick gnashes one of Paul's fingers with a typewriter. Paul then deliberately answers question 4 incorrectly and loses another finger. Then, when answering question 5, Paul hits Mick in the head with a hammer and tries to hit him again, but Mick cuts him. Paul then escapes into the underground tunnels.

Mick first chases him (with Paul meeting several corpses of tourists to find a living, severely emaciated woman), and then releases the dogs on Paul. But Paul escapes, and Mick frees the woman and forces her to go forward. Paul strikes the woman and kills, believes that it is Mick. But Mick comes up to Paul from the back and Paul tries to hit him with a hammer, but Mick restrains him with a choke hold. After giving a lecture about how people like him destroy people like Paul and butts Paul with his head unconscious. He then exposes him as the culprit for his crime, which is to bring Paul to a mental breakdown and he will be prevented from entering the orphanage. And Mick again to leave towards the sunset.

And then a series with two seasons. Oh my God, Mick is actually the protagonist of the franchise, and it turns out to be a retelling of everything. I think everyone who reads this sentence has already understood what kind of monster Taylor is. Let's take a quick look at the show. In the series, he kills Eva Thorogood's family and haunts her for the entire 1 season. In the season 1 finale, Hill, another of Mick's victims, collapses on top of himself, killing himself and severely injuring Mick. After that, the developers let us finally enjoy Mika's long-deserved punishment, when Elena impales him using a fire poker and two halves of a broken spear, presumably killing him. She burns down the house and leaves. But the next morning, Eve examines the burnt building and discovers that Mick's corpse disappeared. And of course, in the second season, Mick somehow survives! He buys weapons from Tommy, a friend of Mika's deceased father. Tommy hopes that Mickey's father's killer will be punished, but when Mickey leaves, he finds it ironic that Tommy was talking to Tommy's killer friend. Mick protested, shooting Tommy, seriously wounding him and informing him that he killed his father, and then finishes Tommy. Tommy didn't do anything wrong to Mickey, but Mickey doesn't give a damn about it.

Mick then set his sights on a large large tour group because the guide said that Mick would not make a good guide because of how politically incorrect he was. In the end, everyone is killed except for Mika and Kelly, as Rebecca and Denny sacrifice themselves to blow up Mika's house and himself, but he miraculously survives again. But he wants to kill Kelly, but decides to leave her alive, as he is sure that she will die before she can reach the nearest city. Later, in a pub in the hinterland, Mick watches the news of the disappearance of a tourist group. Everything. Yes, he's Karma Houdini. Again.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

Oh my God, no. He has a tragic past, with a bad father, with mockery, but first of all, he does not mention his past. Secondly, it does not even come close to justifying him, since he kills many people purely because of sadism, although many get along with him normally. Other than that, he has nothing positive. He is a sadi monster with no regrets. Although he was friends with Atkin, this is more likely due to the fact that they shot sadism and cruelty and even then, Mick killed him when Atkin tried to kill him, and did not regret it.

Heinous Standards

He is the main antagonist of the franchise and the one who sets the standards. In addition to him, there are two more PEs, namely the pedophile Jerry Violinist and Sergeant Atkin, but they have much less time, they just appeared in the prequel comics. In addition, Mick has such a huge number of killed and he rapes, tortures, brutally kills and so on. Just look in his biography how abnormal he is and you will understand everything perfectly.


It’s easy for him, for his fake tragedy, for numerous murders, rape of women, torture of all people and murder for petty reasons.

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