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Look closely at this person. It is this psychopath who is responsible for turning Hannibal into a serial but charismatic killer.

Hello everyone. I'll be leaving soon, and I'm sure most of you are happy about it, like a child at Christmas. But before that you need to make the 5th proposal. And the first two of this five will be two candidates from Hannibal. Let's talk about his sworn and most personal enemy.

What's the work?

Hannibal Rising is a novel by Thomas Harris published in 2006. The fourth novel in a series about the adventures of the sinister Hannibal Lecter, an intellectual cannibal and serial killer, which tells of his youth. The novel was filmed in 2007, where Gaspard Ulliel played him. Both the film and the novel are a prequel to the entire story, explaining why Hannibal Lector is who he is today. From the novel and the film, we learn that we have to thank Vladis Grutas for this. He is our current candidate.

Who is Vladis Grutas/ What has he done?

Little is known about Grutas' past. He was a Lithuanian war criminal during the Second World War. He was the leader of a small group of 6 people, including himself. Together with his henchmen, he plundered a small town, taking all the resources, and Grusas personally executed Jewish prisoners, one he even cut off his head.

The group then, meeting Berndt after he returned to Lecter Castle, were taken to a castle occupied by the Germans. There was a certain dialogue in which Grutas his subordinates expressed a desire to join the "SS" and when they were told that they must prove Grutas ordered two of his subordinates to kill the Jewish cook who worked for the Lecters and when this was done, Grutas began to question Berndt, but did not have time to finish when the Russian tanks attacked.

Retreating, Grutas orders one of his subordinates, Milko, to shoot two medics at their ambulance, which they stole to disguise themselves upon returning to the battlefield. Here, the group looted as much wealth as they could find (which will help finance their rich lifestyle in the future), and Dortlich pointed to the SS Major before attacking the damaged car. Grutas approached, ridiculed the Major's previous statement and shot him in the head, taking away the jewelry. It was then that they noticed a man running across the field, and Grutas ordered to shoot this man (since he was not "one of ours").Although their shooting did not result in death, the approaching Russian tanks killed and the group retreated with the resulting wealth. As you can see here, Grutas exhibits a lot of unnecessary brutality. A complete scumbag, right?

They eventually stumbled upon a small building in which there was a short battle in which several Russians and Lector's adult families were killed. In the building they found young Hannibal and his younger sister Misha. Grutas and his group tied them up and decided to stay here when, with the help of the radio, they realized that everything was blocked. Grutas planned to use the children as cover in case the troops discovered them, acting as "heroes" to spread his other fabricated stories.

Several days passed, and food supplies began to run out. When they were completely over, Grutas decided to eat Misha. Dortlich sang an old Lithuanian lullaby to help the child calm down when they took her outside and Grutas took an ax and chopped off the girl's head. Grutas and his group then boiled her body and ate her to survive. After some time, the house was attacked by a Russian tank, and the group had to flee, and Kazys Porvik tried to make him wait while he grabbed the tokens, but he was crushed to death by a support beam, but Grutas showed no concern about his death.

After that, either during or after the war, Grutas was caught and arrested for numerous monstrous crimes (and here we will learn about several of his crimes), such as sawing off the head of a rabbi in Kaunus, involvement in further cannibalistic acts and shooting at gypsy children in the forest. ... He was brought to trial, but was able to get out of the water when the witness's throat was filled with acid (most likely Grutas had a hand in this). With the collected wealth, Grutas was able to create his own criminal clan and become rich and influential. Plus, his remaining 4 henchmen, also served him, although they also gained connections and wealth.Then Grutas took up criminal activities, namely human trafficking, as well as arms trafficking. However, he is still responsible for his actions.

After a certain amount of time, Hannibal begins to hunt for Grotos and his team. The first victim is Dortlich, and when Petras Kolnas (Grutas' right-hand man) brought the news to him, he was at the center of his human trafficking operation. Grutas retained a smug sense of power, feeling that the situation was insignificant. When he found out the killer's name, he grinned and reminded the others that they had "dined with him" during the war. When Kolnas leaves, Grutas suddenly changes his expression and goes to Milko, on the way he enters the back room, where several young women are held in slavery. Dieter is seen beating the woman, but Grutas tells him not to get injured in the face,as it will affect their rates, and he declares that the girls belong to him. Then, entering the bar, he orders Milko to get out of Hannibal, feeling that he needs to be dealt with.But Hannibal lures Milko into a trap and, having learned where Grutas is, drown him in a tank.

Then, in his mansion, Grutas bathes without regret, until Hannibal appears and confronts him, but Grutas's guards appear and the Lector bomb he set explodes and knocks out all the electricity, creating chaos and Hannibal escapes. Angry, Grutas kidnaps Murasaki, his uncle's widow and calls Hannibal, and tells him that if he doesn't surrender, he will kill her.

Hannibla then infiltrates Grutas' barge, but Grutas, waiting for him and hiding, shoots him, bragging that he molested Murasaki. Lecter removes his tanto, covered with a dimple from Grutas' bullet, and uses it to cut Grutas' hamstring, immobilizing him. ... Grutas for promising a quick death, informs Hannibal of the whereabouts of the last member of Bornis's group. But Grutas breaks down and reveals to Hannibal in a sadistic way that he drank the broth made from his sister and invites Lecter to kill only in order to continue lying to himself; Enraged, Lecter carves several Ms on Grutas, fatally wounding him.When Murakami dives overboard, Hannibal gnaws at Grutas' head and sets fire to the barge, as well as plant improvised explosives, he also escapes, and Grutas, who are left alone, dies when his barge explodes, revenge for all the atrocities, as well as for the murdered sister of Hannibal, who he committed. Hannibal can at least console himself that his sister's killer will no longer harm anyone. Bornis was later beheaded by Hannibal.

Redeeming Qualities/Mitigating Factors

You will not see anything good in Grutas. He is a bloodthirsty scumbag, having committed a lot of unnecessary cruelty. All he cares about is profit. He also doesn't care for his team without showing concern or sadness over the deaths of Dortlich and Porvik. He also happily informs Hannibal of Bornis' whereabouts. Thus, all of this demonstrates a lack of concern for their team.

While it can be argued that killing Misha was necessary for his survival, he was already a complete scumbag before that. Moreover, he never regretted it, let alone the fact that he clearly gets pleasure from remembering, taunting Hannibal that he fed his own sister. He also shot gypsy children, so he's just willing to harm children if he wants to.

Heinous Standards

In fact, Grutas is the one who set the standard as he is chronologically the first villain in the Hannibal franchise. First of all, he is the one who turned Hannibal into the person he is and his most personal enemy. Apart from this, Grutas clearly stands out for his too unnecessary cruelty. Many murders and deaths could have been avoided, but Grutas continued to brutally kill, most likely simply because of sadism. In addition, it has already been said that he is ready to kill children, for example by shooting at gypsy children or eating Misha. He also trafficked people, which is pretty disgusting. In general, he is a frostbitten and sick criminal, distinguished by his sadism and cruelty.

As for the group, nobody stands out. All of them follow Grutas' orders and moreover, it is not known what they thought of Misha's murder. And unlike Grutas, they don't even stand out; Kolnas takes care of his family at all.

As far as villains are concerned, no one, except one, has to compete with Grutas. All are either not disgusting enough or have redemptive qualities. The only exception is Mason Verger from Hannibal, who was a pedophile who tortured and raped children, brutally raped his sister Margot, tortured animals and wanted to feed Lector to boars. But Grutas can still compete with him, as he is responsible for turning Hannibal into a serial killer and he was a human trafficker. And beyond that, Grutas has more bodies than Mason, so he does enough to stand out.

And yes, Hannibal himself is an anti-villain and has many redemptive qualities.


Given his excessive cruelty, human trafficking, lack of redemptive qualities or Freudian justification, and for making Lector Hannibal a serial killer, he is suitable, but it's up to you.

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