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Well, well, 4 removal. I noticed one thing that unites all my deletions, they hardly pass, Karl! Okay Avon, it was an attempt, but Boone or Mengsk, who had to cut and save. What category will our today's candidate fall into?

And yes, a huge separate thanks to Jester of chaos for allowing me to delete and JackJackX, who understood why the candidate was not suitable and informed me.

And yes, hello everyone. Meet the original offer from Mr. IamLucifer69! Okay, let's get down to business!


Lucifer-American television series, based on the comic book series "Lucifer" by Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics. The series tells about Lucifer, who was banished by God, his father, for rebelling against him, and made Lucifer the ruler of Hell. But Lucifer got bored with his work and he went to the human world, namely to Los Angeles. Lucifer becomes the owner of the luxurious Lux nightclub and leads a riotous lifestyle. After killing a girl he knows, Lucifer decides to find out who is responsible for her death. During the investigation, he meets detective Chloe Decker.

Lucifer unexpectedly discovers that he has no power over the girl and his fatal charm does not work on her. Intrigued by this circumstance, the King of Hell becomes her partner and consultant in solving crimes. However, then Amenadiel, Lucifer's brother, appears, who must return his brother back to Hell. But all his attempts fail and he decides to bring our candidate back to life.

Who is the Malcolm Graham?

Malcolm Graham is a corrupt detective who informs criminals in exchange for money, which has made his family a little wealthy. He was involved in helping smuggle illegal materials unbeknownst to the department, such as drugs and evidence in police custody, assisted by Den, Chloe's husband, who averted Malcolm's corruption, and one day, during an exchange with criminals, Malcolm spotted Chloe and tried to shoot her, but he was severely wounded by Dan, who shot him and Malcolm fell into a coma.

At the same time, his entire department admired him as a hero, and hated Chloe, because she considered Malcolm a villain. In the end, when Malcolm was on the brink of death, Amenadiel brought him back to life (although Malcolm still ended up in Hell for 30 years starving and deprived of food, people or television, an experience that traumatized him as he loved nothing more than live and have what you need in life. offer him). Then you all know what happened. Amenadiel made a deal with Malcolm, but Malcolm betrayed him, committed several murders, framed Lucifer and in the end, took Chloe's daughter Trish hostage, told Chloe to bring money or he would kill Trish, but in the end Malcolm is shot by Chloe and he goes to Hell forever and ever.

Why Doesn't the Villain Qualify?

Malcolm has no redemptive qualities. Period. It's about disgusting standards. Let's list the other villains:

Julian(real PE) running a human trafficking ring.

Goddess literally causing floods and plagues and trying to start a war in Heaven.

Michael being himself Is responsible for all events (including the expulsion of Lucifer), endangering the child))

Uriel planning to kill his own mother.

The Sinnerman(which is the bait) having a higher body count.

Dromos kidnapping an infant.

As we can see, the standards are high here. And how could Malcolm answer them? Well, 5 murders and a threat to kill a child. The threat of killing a child is dire, of course, but the other two villains have made it worse by endangering the infant! Moreover, this series is the one in which angels and demons have weaknesses, taken by the very same Lucifer! And yes Michael was able to inflict a lot more suffering and damage simply by manipulation.

Other villains did much worse, again, Dromos, being a simple demon, was able to kill dozens of people, kidnapped a baby named Charlie and wanted to make him the king of Hell, Michael is responsible for all the events of the series and endangered the baby. As we can see, the two villains did worse to the child than Malcolm. Julian was a human trafficker, which is a very unique crime and no one ever committed it. As you all know, PE must have a "twist", something unique that Julian has but Malcolm doesn't. He's just a typical criminal and does what you expect a criminal to do. Is he a terrible person? but not enough to be the worst of the worst.

Now let's get back to the proposal to it. According to Mr. IamLucifer69, Malcolm is rather disgusting because:

He has no positive qualities or good intentions (many do not, but they are not pure evil).

He makes fun of those around him (this is standard sadism).

He betrays, kills, blackmails and substitutes.Murder, like betrayal, is a standard atrocity. While blackmailing and setting up is a pretty gruesome atrocity, it's okay for criminals, and again, it just doesn't come close to making it disgusting enough.

The threat of killing a child is the only thing that stands out in any way, but not enough to be Pure Evil, and again Dromos and Michael made it worse, and even with the baby.


We overestimated it too much. At first glance, he may seem like a very terrible and disgusting monster, but upon detailed study and comparison with other villains, he is just a typical criminal and other villains are much worse and made things more disgusting than him. With his resources, connections, he could have done worse things, but he didn't. He's just not hideous enough compared to the likes of Dromos, Michael or Julian. Unlike them, Malcolm has nothing to set him apart from other villains. So I'm sorry IamLucifer69, but you need to cut Malcolm Graham out of the category. He's nowhere near disgusting enough to represent the worst of the worst.

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