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Never would have expected a Bruce Campbell PE, didn't you? I sure didn't, but yet here we are.

Good evening everyone, today I just watched a mediocre Die-Hard ripoff named Assault on Dome 4. Now, this might come up a quite a shocker, Bruce Campbell plays the main villain here, and he is the subject of this proposal today. Say hello to the clever yet bombastically vile terrorist known as Alex Windham!

What's the Work?

Assault on Dome 4 is a 1996 made for television movie that stars Joseph Culp, Jocelyn Seagrave, and Bruce Campbell. It features a interstellar lawman named Chase Moran discovering a terrorist plot by intergalactic extermist Alex Windham, who invades the titular Dome 4 in a attempt to force its scientists to create new, deadly weapons so that he can use it on any and all of his enemies. Turns out that one of his hostages/captives just so happens to be Chase's wife, Lily Moran. With this, Chase tries to also find his wife and stop Alex before his scheme is sucessfully carried out.

Who is Alex Windham and What has he Done?

Several years ago, Alex was involved in numerous crimes, such as mass bombings on civlian areas across the galaxy and twenty-two first degree murders. Eventually captured, detained, and sent to the maximum security prison PC-7, after escaping from numerous other prisons beforehand, he was supposed to be sentenced and forced to serve multiple life sentences. Alex however had a trick up his sleeve and uses a explosion to kill the warden of PC-7 and several officers nearby, before breaking free, chopping the hand of another guard and uses it to bypass the security and free the other prisoners, who proceed to gun down several other officers nearby.

Getting on the nearest shuffle and flying away with the other prisoners with a few sexy women, he introduces himself as a "up and coming" artist seeking to usher in a new grand era, believing that Earth is a mere cesspool filled with lowlifes with no artistic cultures and creativity. However, he plans to create a new world filled with what Earth was lacking in art. He plans to pillage Dome 4, which is nearby a lush green planet, filled with scientists trying to make advancements in science and medicine using natural resources.

When he and the other prisoners get to Dome 4, Alex has his main henchman Quaid shoot the first peacekeeper nearby and tries to seduce one of the scientists named Lily Moran. While he is talking, he reveals that he had every woman on the shuttle during the journey tossed out into space to be suffocated to death simply because they were dead weight to him. Taking Moran and fourty other scientists hostage, he also takes the time to kill the senior security officer and imprison the other peacekeepers solely to prevent them from sabotaging his plans. He then forces the workers to work on a bomb that has the potential to decimate half of Earth and then sends a message to the U.S. Chairman, threatening to use the bomb to destroy multiple continents, if they don't give him the small planet, Stella 9, so that he can enslave the population and force them to bow to him as a god. Now, Stella 9 just so happens to be essential/necessary to Earth to be colonized to hopefully solve the overpopulation issue that has happened recently, so if Alex gets the planet first, then the problems will continue.

With that situation in place, Alex then goes to Lily's personal room and tries to rape her, despite promising to her that he wouldn't do that seconds before. He is interupted by Quaid, who managed to caught a hostage separate to the scientists, who was trying to escape. Alex personally shoots the hostage before ordering his men to murder all other hostages who resist or try to flee. This results in the rest of the peacekeepers being murdered by Alex's henchmen, who cornered them.

Now, Lily's husband named Chase also arrived at around the same time as Alex to Dome 4, killing some of Alex's henchman along the way. When Chase's best friend and fellow officer Dan Block is implored by Chase to come to the location in a shuttle disguised as food supply, Alex immediately orders the supposed crew massacred and have the food taken inside. When one of Alex's henchman managed to open the hatch, Dan kills him and another henchman nearby and breaks into Alex's location, killing Quaid, much to Alex's complete apathy. Alex then captures Dan and makes him another hostage by pointing a gun in his head (which provides the image you see on the top of the proposal). He then calls the chairman, telling him that time is running out and that he is now making a prototype for his bombs, telling him that unless if he agrees to sign Alex's forms to Stella 9, he will proceed with the blowing up of continents, forcing Earth to order Dome 4 to be blown up in about one hour away from now. He also calls Chase through his walkie talkie and tries to make him surrender his location, or else he would kill Dan in the count of five. When Chase refuses to reveal the location, Alex immediately shoots Dan in the head, killing him. Alex then goes back to his workers and forces them to continue working under intense stress and exhaustion.

Alex then goes back to Lily and tries to seduce her once more, when suddenly Chase shows up and points Alex with a gun, which makes Alex retaliate and grab Lily, firing a bullet to try and kill Chase while ordering his men to go after him when he goes to try and find another route. He then gets impatient and almost gets an urge to just simply blow the dome up. He then yells at the scientists when they briefly stop working for a few seconds, and orders them to immediately go back to work. Chase manages to sucessfully murder the remaining henchman except for one remaining at Alex's location, who founded Lily's bag filled with some of her belongings, including a photo of Chase and her together... Alex then immediately grabs her, throws her into a chair and points a gun on her head, threatening to kill her in a few seconds if she doesn't immediately tell him what's going on. She does tell him that she had no idea Chase was on the ship and specifically looking for her. Alex seemingly believes her for a second... before tying her mouth and holding her as a personal hostage. Growing even more irritated by the second , Alex decides to simply cut his losses and self-detonates a explosive weapon inside the station to blow Chase, Lily, and all of the fourty scientists inside before trying to get on another shuffle and invade Stella 9 by force.

Chase eventually gets to where Alex and Lily are after a few minutes of getting through a new route he discovered and after a engaging fight filled with shooting, stabbing, punching, and kicking, Chase sucessfully steals the detonator, so Alex is forced to try and coax Chase to give Alex his detonator back so that he could seemingly destroy it and escape on his shuttle, promising to never bother him again while holding him at gunpoint. Otherwise he would simply shoot Chase and Lily dead. When Chase gives in and gives him the detonator, Alex immediately proceeds to gloat about them being gulible and just tries to stab both with a hidden switchblade in his pocket, but Chase stabs Alex's left arm with a knife and when Alex flees and launches his escape shuttle with the detonator in tow and activates it, he realizes too late that Chase had hidden the bomb under Alex's shuttle, all Alex could do in his last seconds is laugh before being blown up alongside his shuttle, avenging all of those who were coldly murdered by Alex.

Freudian Excuse/Redeeming Qualities?

None whatsoever. Although he claims to the other prisoners and the women on the first shuttle that he'll give them power and glory, he disproves that by launching the women to space, and not caring when his henchmen gets killed by Chase or others even though he seemingly treats them well himself. He also proves to only care about Lily for a perverted lust and tries to shoot her and blow her up alongside her husband and the rest of the scientists.

Heinous Standards?

He easily passes already having murdered twenty-two people several years ago, commiting mass terrorism across the galaxy, trying to decimate most of Earth, killing dozens of people mostly on-screen either by himself or under his orders, trying to enslave a planet filled with people out of a massive god complex and egomania, personally killing Chase's friend and trying to kill his wife out of sheer sadism, eventually trying to blow up all of Dome 4 and fourty scientists when he is losing. Anyone else who could pass the standards only work under his orders with nothing unique to make any of them stand out. By both the general and the in-story standards of this film, he is the most vile.

Final Verdict?

Easy yes.