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Captain McManus: How could you miss this? Six years, she roamed free in these hallways. You have one job to do and you couldn't even do it. Obviously you have a problem recognizing Oranges and Reds when you see one, so, let's refresh your memory.
Dr. Viceroy: Oh...
Captain McManus: Let's go, Lieutenant. These two need time to get reacquainted.
Dr. Viceroy: No, no, Captain. Captain, please, don't. Please. It wasn't my fault! Captain, don't close that door! No!
Captain McManus: Put a bounty on that girl. Whatever you need from the war chest. Every Tracer out there better be after her. We're gonna need another doctor.
~ Captain McManus pulling out a Red to agonizingly burn Dr. Viceroy alive for putting Ruby Daly as a Green when she is actually an Orange.
Captain McManus choking Dr

Look at me. Look at me... LOOK AT ME!

Alrighty, folks. I present to you a candidate that was (seemingly) dismissed the last time.

What’s the Work?[]

The Darkest Minds is a 2018 film adaptation of the popular The Darkest Minds book series, directed by… Jennifer Yuh Nelson (yes the same one who directed the second and third Kung Fu Panda movies) and starring Amandla Stenberg, Mandy Moore, Patrick Gibson, and Gwendoline Christie. Focusing on 16-year old Ruby Daly, one day she gains the power to erase herself from other people’s memories, that tragically befalls her parents and so she is taken to a center where she and others like her are forced to work by the oppressive government, with certain ones being wiped out. Escaping thanks to a League member, Ruby tags along with four unique rebels and they try to find the paradise and fight back against the masterminds.

Now, while the main villain aka Clancy Gray/Slip Kid is already up thanks to Elfen, there is one other baddie that was overlooked… specifically? His thuggish second-in command.

Who is Captain McManus and What Has He Done?[]

Captain McManus is the brutal leader of the PSF who’s in charge of camps designed for children who gains superpowers and dictates where they go by color. Those deemed Red and/or Orange are exterminated as shown by a older teenager being beaten to death near the beginning of the flick. McManus first appears berating Ruby Daly when she doesn’t do her tasks and screams at her ear to stare at him. Knowing that it is against the rules, Ruby refuses and McManus resorts to throwing her failed shoe and plans to expose her for what she is. When a fellow kid named Sam critiques him, he takes her to be killed and runs a test that causes excruciating pain to those who hear a subatomic frequency.

McManus later stops Catherine “Cate” Connor in the middle of the road when she takes off with Ruby and threatens to murder her. McManus finds out that Ruby is actually Orange and discovers that Doctor Viceroy misaligned Ruby as a Green six years ago, so he has the doctor lit ablaze by a Orange while noting that the Tracers are hunting Ruby down and noting that he should get a replacement. McManus is demonstrated in the past to have led a brutal massacre, having the superpowered gunned down by the dozens, of which Suzume (Zu) is one of the only survivors. McManus is texting Clancy Gray regarding the colors being given to new kids arriving in the camps and he is more than happy to harvest all ninety-two of them.

McManus then corners Ruby, Zu, Liam, and Charles/Chubs, pointing guns at them when Clancy orders him to grab the many/several children in the resistance and convert them to his slaves: including the Reds which he and McManus both have been mind-controlling and brainwashing for years. McManus reveals to Clancy that his father is imprisoned to his delight, then beats Liam up with sadistic pleasure. Ruby however takes over his mind and forces him to fire a bullet directly in his throat, ending his life.

Heinous Standards?[]

Not gonna lie, the work does have high heinous standards. Clancy for example not only is the one responsible for the harsh enslavement and targeting of the superpowered people, but he also personally tries to have sex with Ruby without her consent by invading her mind, and then attempts to hijack it so that she’ll become his loyal partner who would do anything with him among with having the Reds go on a spree against the rebellion which directly results in multiple deaths and shows callous disregard towards his minions perishing.

President Gray meanwhile conducted torturous experiments on his own son and shrugs it off while convincing the idea in the first place. Only problem is that he’s largely inconsequential due to Clancy himself having placed on top, so he ultimately fails the heinous standards to him.

Now where does McManus stick out in all of this? Well, McManus not only traps and sends the children/kids over to Clancy, he also abuses his power to yell, thrash, and end them either for merely speaking back to him, or for being a Red or Orange. McManus is unveiled to have broken the Reds to Clancy’s dominance, leads a slaughtering of escapees (we see a flashback so it counts), and he is more than willing to burn a doctor alive and threaten a innocent woman with her life. McManus in the end takes leisure in punching and kicking Liam on the floor and taunts him, Ruby, Zu, and Chubs that they are fugitives who can’t be freed from his grasps. With all of this mentioned, I’d say he clears it handily.

Mitigating Factors?[]

Does this really need to be said? McManus throughout all of his screen-time shows contempt towards everyone around him and doesn’t even bother to be slightly polite and charismatic unlike Clancy. McManus does initially spare Ruby but then tracks her down with no hesitation once he realizes that she’s an Orange the entire time. McManus is loyal to Clancy but only because he allows him to do whatever he wants with zero consequences and otherwise demonstrates nothing indicating care or love towards him, with Clancy himself calling McManus an “asshole”.

Final Verdict?[]

Solid yes to this prick.